XantoM  /  2 Sep 2022, 10:18
Watch QuakeWorld 24/7, all year round, on any device
Say hello to twitch.tv/QuakeWorld !


  • Streams 24/7, all year round
  • Automatically joins the "best server" (according to a custom ranking algorithm)
  • Controlled via Twitch chat (see commands below)
  • Channel title updated based on current game
  • Community commentary possible
Commands via Twitch chat
The Quake client is on autopilot, however you can control it by typing commands in the Twitch chat.

Example - find a player and join that server as spectator (prefers QTV).

Other handy commands
!track [name]

For a full list of available commands, use !commands .

Community commentary
The stream broadcasts voice from the "Streambot" channel in the main QuakeWorld discord. This means that anyone with access to that channel can do commentary on the game that is being streamed.

Please report any issues and ideas for improvement to "XantoM" at QuakeWorld discord. You can also submit issues at GitHub.

Source code
It's written in Go (golang) running an ezQuake client on Ubuntu.
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2022-09-05, 14:30
Good job, saved my life on boring days
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