bps  /  7 Jun 2022, 06:54
QHLAN 2022 registration is open
As recently announced, QHLAN 2022 will take place between 17 - 20 November, 2022. Thanks to legendary QuakeWorld player Sniket from Clan 9, QHLAN 2022 will be held at his superb dance studio in “Slakthusområdet” near Globen, Stockholm, Sweden.

The website is now online, and registration is open. Five days after launch, 68 of the 100 available seats were booked. Head over there to secure yourself a seat at the biggest happening in recent years!

Official website ( | Official trailer (youtube) | #qhlan @ Discord | More details in the Wiki
Jehar and his Tastyspleen crew is flying over from Texas to deliver top-notch production together with Andeh. Players with flair can look forward to contesting the Warzon trophy which is making a return for the 6th time.

Entrance fee is 800 SEK ($80). Payment methods are Swish or Paypal, more info here.
2022-06-07, 07:59
2022-06-08, 13:51
I don't know what's more amazing: the enthusiasm for the event, the dedication it took to bring all of that together, or the incredibly high-quality website.

You guys are the best! I hope it all goes smoothly for you.
2022-06-09, 14:14
Stev, its time for a QW comeback, why don't you?!
2022-06-13, 15:20
Signupees exceed the 100 count. Are there any backup plans for waiting list, or maybe even increase the limit?
2022-07-01, 23:28
We have increased the capacity from 100 to 120 signups due to high demand.
2022-07-14, 11:03
In the process of trying to convince Striker to make a comeback and show up and carry me in the 2on2 tournament.

Be afraid people!
2022-07-28, 23:01
That'd be fantastic ToMMe if Striker joined, say hi from me and tell him to take slot #120 - only one slot left as of now!
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