Link  /  12 Feb 2022, 19:09
New 4on4 maps debuts on Organ Grinder
Yeah you are reading it right....the map "community" The Wizard's Manse have lost their way and are converting Counter-Strike maps to QuakeWorld 4on4.

Jehar's TastyspleenTV are doing another Organ Grinder on Saturday the 19th of February. Around 00.00 CET that Saturday (sunday) we will have a 4on4 game between team 777 and team 666, on 2 new 4on4 maps: Italy and Mirage.

Team 777: bps ganon razor reppie
Team 666: milton valla diki wimpeeh

More converted CS maps are on the way (nuke, dust2, cobble) and you can visit the wiki page on the link above.

You can download the new maps, loc files, hi-res textures and skyboxes HERE

The maps are on beta stage and the games on organ grinder will be some great playtesting. Its unclear atm how many maps will be played, it can be anything from 2-5 maps, more info on that later.
2022-02-21, 09:54
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