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Quake.Pub, previously, is a mainly Czech website covering Quake. The recent interest and activity in QuakeWorld led them to sit down with Andeh for an interview on GetQuad#5, Organ Grinder, QuakeWorld and much more...

Q: Why do you think, unlike other communities of Quake, players in QuakeWorld are sticking with QW even though they are at the retirement age (Hi NO Link!)? What is that magic you see in QuakeWorld?

Andeh: Well, many are so far into their lives that the time and effort it takes to learn a new game becomes a barrier that they don't have time to overcome.

Further, I think many are just happy with the state of QuakeWorld.

It's sort of a constant in everybody's lives, a game that doesn't change, doesn't need patches or balance updates, it works exactly the same now as it did 20 years ago. It's a familiar face that remains a comfort when our lives change drastically around us as we get older.

Q: When you look back, did you imagine that QuakeWorld will be there for such a long time, and if you should name a few personalities that were important for holding the community together?

Andeh: There are so many factors at play here.

Many thought QuakeWorld would die with the release of Quake 3, and then with the release of World of Warcraft, and then the death of X or Y tournament, but all the while we've persisted.

There are a few very important enthusiasts in the scene that have helped it stay really active, but it's hard to single out a single person.

I believe as long as the ability to host a server is there, people will keep playing even if there wasn't any tournaments or scene. For that reason, I don't think QuakeWorld will ever truly die.


To read the full interview, head over to Quake.Pub's homepage and read it by clicking this link!

2021-12-09, 18:56

Im only 50
2021-12-19, 09:52
I thought I might be the oldest....not really active but still following the scene at 57. Glad to hear I am not alone
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