Link  /  30 Nov 2021, 09:24
QuakeWorld Duel League: PLAYOFFS

The first regular season in Europe's 3 divisions are over and you can see all division tables HERE. North America already started the playoffs and only 1 semifinal + the final are yet to be played.
QuakeWorld Duel League started in August and the first season is about to get concluded when we now enter the playoffs. Nearly 900 games have been played.

For a full overview of the playoffs you can go to the main site: You can also go the wiki page.

As you can see North America already started and Blaze has reached the final where he will play the winner of BLooD_DoG(D_P) vs Zorak.

The biggest region; Europe, just finished their regular season in all divisions and it is now crunch time. All playoff games should be scheduled in the schedule channels in our DISCORD. So keep track of that and have an eye on streamers so you dont miss any action. We will also announce games/streams on discord.

Season 2 will start in January and signups for that will commence when playoffs are over.
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