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QW DUEL: Division Down Under is LIVE

Today the QuakeWorld Duel League kicked off it's first division ever with the Aussies.,g_north_west,h_840,w_789/co_000000,e_outline:40/co_000000,e_outline:inner_fill:1/co_ffffff,e_outline:40/co_ffffff,e_outline:inner_fill:1/co_bbbbbb,e_outline:3:1000/c_mpad,g_center,h_1260,w_1260/b_rgb:eeeeee/c_limit,f_jpg,h_630,q_90,w_630/v1607840887/production/designs/17285876_0.jpg

QuakeWorld Duel League started today with the AU DIV, or as it is called: Division Down Under. Australia got lockdown times and it is winter, so they could kick off their duel hunger from the get go. Summer vacation is still roaming in Europe so the signups there close in the end of August.

11 players signed up down under and they will all play each other - 2 times. After 20 games of battle the top 8 goes to playoff. The map pool down under is a little different than we are used to in Europe and the map pool, after votes, was this:

dm2, dm4, dm6, aerowalk, ztndm3, bravado2020, messy

Also some of the players managed to get in their favorite maps, such as skull and ultrav. Should be real interesting to watch.

We wish the guys and girls down under good luck with the season!

2021-07-25, 19:04
Jiiihaw, glhf!
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