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QuakeWorld Duel League

A new dawn rises for everyone who likes to duel on regular bases. QuakeWorld Duel League starts this summer/fall. Signups are open: The future is here.
QuakeWorld Duel League is the new duel league for quakeworld duelers. Old or new, master or rookie, the experience will fulfill your needs.

So what is special about Quakeworld Duel League?

Best of 3 maps
- Every game is short and even you with a tight schedule can participate
- More opponents! Because the games are short, you can play more opponents during a season
- One map player? It should work out just fine

Versatile system
- All maps are included: TB5 + 2 voted + your Favorite Map
- Favorite Map! You're map not in the map pool? No worries, you can switch a map with the map you want!
- Walkovers allowed. It's impossible to play a game? You can give WO on 26 % of your games
- Play with the elites or play at your level of skill: Division based system...choose your ambition
- Short seasons: A season is 11 weeks long. 3 seasons during a calendar year (September - June)

- Each season divisions will have 8 new players (except division 1: four new players), as players go up/down
- Every division got playoffs.

A new form of discipline is also introduced: There are no seedings. When you enter the league you enter at the bottom division. The very first season is the only season that is seeded. You dont sign up the first season, you start at the bottom, no exceptions.

The first season we aim for 3 divisions with 20 players each division. You play 2 x BO3 each week. You cant handle that? Dont sign up. If we dont get enough players for 4 divisions (80 players), the first 60 signups are in. The first season the games will be played on European servers, and Euros got the ping advantage. Other continent divisions can of course be made on request, but not the first season.

We are also monitoring the new antilag features that is under development and when/if the quakeworld scene is ready for a world wide league with servers on all continents, that will happen when it happens. One season only takes 11 weeks.

Signups ends 27th of August. First deadline date (2 games played) is the 5th of September. The website will show you how standings, fixtures, games and player pages looks like.

See you soon!

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