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GQ KI Season 2
The GetQuad Kenya Invitational Season 2 is now in the works. GQ 4 is now in its final stages and we are ready for another 4on4 tournament.
GQ KI and GQ 3 Open have already produced 2 seasons of kenya maps. Total map stats for these seasons are:

19 - schloss
18 - cmt4
13 - obsidian
11 - cmt1b
09 - gmdm1
09 - cmt3
08 - ctl8
08 - e3m7tdm
06 - ukcldm2
04 - e1m6tdm
01 - e3m6tdm
01 - q1q3dm7(pro_b2)

All results, screens and demos can be downloaded on the GetQuad website (choose seasons on the top right corner).

This time we will have only 3 maps:


Rock has been seen in a few mixes and Anwalk as been playtested a little. Obsidian already debuted with 13 official games in GQ3 Open. All maps are on badplace qw servers, loc files you can get HERE.


You simply PM Link on discord and ask for it. What we are looking for are players that will complete the season with no "drama". When we got enough players we start. About 25-30 players are the minimum and we will have 4-5 players in each team. It will be a regular season with division play (all vs all) and playoffs. Normal BO3 rules apply. Playoffs are BO5.

We will select the Captains and set up the teams. When all Captains agree on teams we go. Timeframe will be march/april if everything goes smooth.

Lets go :-)
2021-02-22, 18:32
CTL maps (ctl4/5/6/8) were exclusively developed for 4/4. Why don't I see them here, just CTL8?
2021-02-22, 21:35

Bringing new map is quite a sensitive subject in today's QW scene .

But there is progress!

It is probably hard to bring in new maps that are 10+ years old. There are just so many of them...
A freshly created 4on4 map gets some interest, if promoted properly.

Those maps, currently in the Kenya Invitational II, are fresh maps, with authors from the current QW scene. So it is an obvious choice to pick them.

I hope you sign up up!
2021-02-24, 12:02
Kapitan Kloze: Developed by who?

(Edited 2021-02-24, 13:53)
2021-02-24, 12:03
52 signups
2021-02-24, 17:09
@Link: by Muff1n and myself a few years ago when the scene ful still in full steam. Anni contributed to because CTL8 was based first on his first versions I reckon
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