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sdCup#2! Challenges and more...
As we conclude sdCup#1, why not get right at it and announce sdCup#2? Let's talk about it!

sdCup#1 was a great success. Obviously we had a lot of walkovers in the very first round which is to be expected in a one day tournament, but all the big guns showed up and we got to see gt dethrone the amazing run that Locust had throughout 2020. LocKtar got the 3rd place finish, earning him some beer money. Huge thanks to Dopeskillz and Alice for the help with organizing the tournament! But there's more to come friends, read on...
sdCup will keep hosting events for the QuakeWorld scene, but in order to not ruin myself completely, we'll have to do smaller events as well. sdCup#2 will be just that.

Though I absolutely love deathmatch and huge tournaments in QuakeWorld, I will not be able to afford $2,000.00 USD tournaments every month and still manage to survive, but that being said we can still have lower prize tournaments or "challenges" as I like to call them. Don't worry - the big tournaments will still happen with varying prize pools - but I think "challenges" are a great way for less experienced players to have a chance at making a little bit of money for almost no work whatsoever. They will not be your usual deathmatch tournaments, so to speak, so anyone has a shot to win!


Introducing sdCup#2 - SURVIVAL ON DA BARRELLO!


This is the first of the challenge tournaments. They will have a lower prize pool, but may very well be just as fun! It's an opportunity for any player out there to make a decent buck for almost no effort whatsoever, and it's a great way to stay engaged in between the massive tournaments. The first challenge will be all about surviving in QuakeWorld!

Prize pool: $100.00 USD

Challenge: Da Barrello (barrel) bloodfest survival! Who can survive the longest? The player who survives the longest will earn himself a quick $100.00 USD for his or her effort!



1. Start time:

The tournament starts when you read this and ends at Sunday 21st of February, 2021 at 6:00pm CET (noon eastern)!

2. Allowed clients and rulesets:

All clients are allowed for this tournament, obviously without any cheats allowed.

3. Map and servers:

The map will be the current standard version of Da Barrello (barrel). This is important, because there is an older version of the map which is not allowed. More to follow in the video announcement. Server is simply the closest one to you that is kept updated. The lower the ping the better for you!
Make sure that "match_auto_record_" is set to 0 which should help avoid crashes.

3. Prize pool distribution:

The challenge tournaments will be winner takes all. Better be confident in your result!

4. Streaming:

There will be a live stream after the deadline (Sunday 21st) going through the demos and results. Always on!

5. Most importantly, how? General information

The video announcement might explain this better, but here's how it works:
"Bloodfest" is a mode in KTX which is all about surviving. It is playable in co-op, but I prefer just playing it alone when I have nothing else to do. You will be trying to survive against endless hordes of Quake monsters. Monsters spawn in a 20 second interval, each spawn giving you 20% more monsters to fight. Each kill you get on a monster earns you 3 health points and 2 red armor. You will eventually be overrun, but how long can you survive? Imagine you're in a zombie apocalypse! Camp your heart out and find strategies to stay alive for as long as you can and win $100.00 USD!

The rules are simple: survive on your own. Co-op is not allowed. Scores don't matter, it's all about surviving the longest. If you get the one spawn down below on Barrel, you need to restart as that can be abused!. I retain the rights to disqualify your attempt if I notice that you've used any potential cheats or abused any bugs. You will be made aware of this and if you're not too late, you'll have an opportunity to try again up until the deadline. Watch the video announcement or contact me if you have any questions!

Here's how to compete:

1. Get on a server close to you with the updated version of the map on it.
2. Type /barrel in the console, followed by /votecoop to enable the mode "bloodfest".
3. Type /record <your name>, for example /record Milton.
4. Type /ready
5. Survive as long as you can.
6. If you die earlier than you wanted and want to try again, type /stop to stop the recording, then start recording again - rinse and repeat till you're happy.
7. Once you believe you have the tournament winning attempt, get on discord (, find my name "Andeh/suddendeathTV" and send me the demo. That's it!

If you're experiencing crashes, report them on discord so that we might get to the bottom of the reason to them!

The winner will be the one that has survived the longest!


Again, if there are any questions, simply contact me on Discord or ask in the comment section!

Good luck to all!
2021-02-02, 22:08
Nice competition, some change and difference!
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