fourier  /  6 Jan 2021, 19:04
New 2on2 tourney «Money for nothin' and gibs for free» with $6500 prize pool

Signups are open for the new 2on2 tourney "Money for nothin' and gibs for free" until January 16, 20:50 UTC.

Important note:
Prizes can only be received by teams that have never lost in WO. A team that has lost with WO in WB will automatically lose with WO in LB too. Be proactive if you are interested in prizes!

Rules · Signup · Discord · Wiki
Format: Double-Elimination Bracket, all games BO5
Map pool: dm2, dm4, dm6, aerowalk, ztndm3
(Teams can agree to play other maps, if approved by admins)

Signups close:
January 16 2021 - 20:50 UTC (23:50 MSK).
2021-01-06, 23:15
What a bomb !
2021-01-06, 23:16
Great stuff
2021-01-11, 19:15
2021-01-14, 12:40
Good stuff. One question though: What’s up with the client limitations?
2021-01-16, 02:34
who is sponsoring this?
2021-01-17, 12:27
"If I tell you, then I have to kill you…"
2021-01-17, 14:52
@ahtoh the sponsor wanted to remain incognito
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