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Ride My Rocket

New 2on2 tournament starts January 17: Ride My Rocket
We are merging the 1-map duel tournament...

The Bad Tournament
The Dark Tournament

...together with this 2 vs 2 tournament.

This new community now got a name; Ride My Rocket.

We are reviving the old tournament from 2002, that Madmax and Empezar did back in the days, and moving forward with the legendary name, hosting 1-map duel and 2 vs 2 tournaments.

After this 2 vs 2 tournament we will continue on with the 1-map duel tours and Aerowalk is next up, in the "Skyhigh Tournament".

You can sign up to the "Ride My Rocket 2on2 Tour 1" by PM'ing Link on discord: Team name, tag, players (2-4). On the RMR discord you will find all info you need, admins are also there to help:


The tournament will be played on european servers and we start when we got enough signups. As of now we got 9 signups:

Aviators - .avi
Raket, FGH, Skurk, Link

Polish Legends - pl
maCLer, insane

Spice Boys - sb
Goniec, Tom

Drowned Kittens - ktns
alice, us3

TheThugsTeam - thug
BillyTheKid, Flamer, Samon

Bloodline Brothers - BB
Adko, Maks

Inevitable Demise - id
Hollow, Myztikal

Team Snaps - snps
Nigve, Xero

N/A - n/a
Tumult, HoLy

Here are some more info, read both sheets:

Ride My Rocket 2on2 Tour 1

The new version of q1q3almostlost, named q1q3alrl, can be downloaded HERE. Im not sure the loc file i made is totally awesome but it works for me Edit it as you like. It's now a 2xRL map with no LG, and got RA, 2xYA, GA and a Mega. Thanks to Lurq for the edit!

Server admins: UPLOAD! TY!

The faster you signup the faster we can start. 16 signups and we can start playing.
2021-01-11, 19:18
The tourney page:

The new map:
2021-03-06, 13:52
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