Andeh  /  1 Jan 2021, 08:15
Kicking off 2021 by introducing sdCup #1

I think we can all agree that we want to leave 2020 behind and breathe the fresh air of 2021 and what better way to do that than to introduce a premier duel tournament to kick off the new year?

sdCup#1 will be a one or two day tournament, depending on signups, and will have a prize pool of $2,000.00 USD. It is a world wide tournament and everyone is allowed to sign up.

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1. Start time:

Saturday (and Sunday if needed), 23rd of January, 14:00 CET (8:00 AM ET, 00:00 AEDT)

All players are required to be present on the QuakeWorld Discord: in the channel "sdCup" before the tournament begins.

2. Format:

Single Elimination 1on1, all games are best of 5, no map repeats.

3. Allowed clients and rulesets:

To avoid any confusion, the only allowed client is EzQuake ( / ) version 3.2.2+ (If you for some reason are using a 3.5alpha version of EzQuake, make sure it is an alpha18 release or higher to avoid bugs).

The only allowed rulesets are "qcon" and "smackdown". Make sure to do f_checks before the game starts.

4. Game settings:

This should not come as any surprise, but regular 1on1 settings apply.
No powerups

5. Maps

The map pool is the good old the big 5 - dm2, dm4, dm6, aerowalk and ztndm3. If both players agree, they can decide to play the 2020 remakes of these 5 maps by Dirtbox.

There are no map repeats. Using a lower-seed-picks-first system.

    Lower seed picks 1st map
    Higher seed picks 2nd map
    Lower seed picks 3rd map
    Higher seed picks 4th map
    If necessary, the last remaining map is played.

6. Reporting:

Reporting is done through the Challonge page. If you need help with anything, ask for it!

7. Streaming:

One game per round will be streamed on, along with, depending on the amount of sign-ups, all Semi Finals, Bronze Game and Grand Finals.

8. Servers:

This is a world wide tournament, meaning you might have to play games on a higher ping than you're used to. Strive for fair pings, but use this as a general rule of thumb:

East coast NA vs EU = Ireland
West coast NA vs EU = New York
AU vs EU = India
AU vs NA = Los Angeles
BR vs AU = Los Angeles
BR vs EU/NA = Miami

If you can find a server with lower pings for both of you, I strongly suggest you use that one! This is just a general rule of thumb and not a requirement, however striving for as equal pings as possible is mandatory.
Use cl_delaypacket to even out the pings up to a maximum of 155ms.

9. Prize pool distribution:

The prize pool for this tournament is $2,000.00 USD, distributed between the top 3 (paypal account required!)

1st: $1,000.00 USD
2nd: $650.00 USD
3rd: $350.00 USD

10. Seedings:

Seedings will be done manually to the best of the admin's knowledge, taking into account previous tournament results of 2020.

Let's have an amazing start to 2021! If there are any questions regarding the rules or the tournament system, please contact andeh/suddendeathTV#8476 on Discord.

Organizer: Andeh and the sdTV crew
2021-01-06, 23:14
what a bomb !
2021-01-06, 23:16
2021-01-11, 19:18
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