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AllStars 2020 Draft completed - Teams are set!

A super exciting draft has been concluded with highly interesting teams!

On Sunday 15. November 19:00 UTC the main event takes place
If you missed it check it out on SuddenDeathTV's Youtube or Twitch.

Milton and bps both said they are feeling quite confident in their teams chances.

bps started us off with a natural pick, XantoM.
XantoM is the worlds greatest 4on4 player.
Having him on your team is a given when you get the chance. Even Milton would likely rank him higher than himself. If anyone can be said to truly possess the "complete package" in QuakeWorld 4on4, XantoM would be the one.

Now it got of to a slightly surprising turn; with Milton choosing Raket. Raket is by no means a poor choice - an excellent player that can turn any game around with brilliant attacks and takeovers from behind. Though will he manage to hold back and play it safe when it's needed? Raket is a stable tb3 player, and his ability to learn new maps and adapt to new situations is top notch. He's also a very active player that is eager to play - so that' might have also been on Milton's mind. He's utterly amazing at attacking at just the right time!

The surprises continued with bps going for Blood_DoG! BlooD_Dog is arguably the best 4on4 player in America, maybe even all of America. With excellent decisions skills and always on point with timings - but the fact that he will be playing from North America - with what is likely 90 ping vs Europeans on 40 and lower? With 90 ping, being accurate becomes even more important. It takes a bit more brain power to think where you are shooting - in combination with all the other things needed to be done. It's an added element of complexity others don't have to deal with. It should be mentioned that he has immense experience in doing so, and has featured in AllStars and multiple tournaments doing just that, and handled it fine, but it's far from easy.

With BD going to bps, Milton seized the chance to pick up Creature. A player he has great experience playing with and does a ton of "grunt work" to maintain the stability of any team - while also being able to pick up the slack when others might lose focus. Stability all around is my main impression of Creature - all-round extremely good and the backbone holding all the other pieces together.

bps's next two picks, Zero and Insane - and I'm going to mention them together because although they might be playing the game differently, what they bring to the table is experience. Tonnes and tonnes of 4on4 experience.
Slackers was a true dominant force for a very long time - Insane and Zero were both big pieces in that impressive Slackers storyline. They also have experience playing with each other, which is big bonus!
The question is - will they have they caught up? They have not been overly active the past year how much rust is in those superpower machines?

Nigve pick for Milton - Nigve has the past few years established himself as one of the top players in QuakeWorld. His aim improved, his speed improved - he's a workhorse that grinds until excellence is achieved. One of Nigve's primary attribute in 4on4 might be the speed at which he moves when he has a weapon. His 'crazy' quadruns that never seems to stop to amaze. He's constantly on the move attacking weak enemies and pushing locations hard. He plays dangerously at the edge sometimes, but more often than not "gets away with it", and with a proper team behind him he easily top frags on any team.

Wimpeeh was Milton's fourth pick - and his reasons: "Great aim, excellent fighting skills and being very proficient in the Kenya Map pool". Solid choice. I'd like to add from my own(much lower skill lvl) experience against Wimpeeh - he's a super smart player! He's incredibly hard to catch off guard - more often than not - when there is an engagement: He was likely the one that decided where and when it would be - and he's quick to backtrack at precisely the right moment, and seems to think one step ahead - living to fight another day.

Blixem, somewhat recently returned from a long hiatus, was bps's last pick. Does anyone remember Firing Squad? Blixem was a major part of one of the most interesting teams QuakeWorld has ever seen. Their arch nemesis Slackers most of the time seemingly getting the upper hand.
This time around we have Zero and Insane from Slackers combining forces with Blixem from Firing Squad, united under one banner. It's getting scary for Milton's team if they find the right chemistry.
As bps mentioned, Blixem has even after a short time after his return already put himself as one of the more solid players in QuakeWorld - Always looking to improve, always a good pick - and as one of the Twitch viewers commented: ["No-one is cooler than Blixem"].

Milton's final pick Diki - to much can be written - Think I'll leave you with a video and you should get some sense of the power that is the phenomena - Diki Be sure to watch from 2:50ish - it's the best e1m2 start in history.

    bps - XantoM - BlooD_DoG - Zero - Insane - Blixem

    Milton - Raket - Creature - Nigve - Wimpeeh - Diki

Who will come out on top? The dynamic fast paced 666 - or the structured experience in 777?
SR-Luck inbound?

Now what remains are the actual games which will be done next week!
On Sunday 15. November 19:00 UTC the main event takes place
(19:00 UTC in other timezones: 20:00 CET, EET 21:00, 14:00 EST, 11:00 PST, 22:00 MSK.)

Be sure to return to SuddenDeathTV's twitch one week from now!
Andeh togheter with Hemostick and Nidweyr will be streaming the action live for us - See you there!
2020-11-09, 18:25
Can't wait!
2020-11-13, 12:27
Great initiative, looking forward to some high quality 4on4. GLHF
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