ocoini  /  27 Oct 2020, 20:06
QuakeWorld AllStars 2020 draft and games pre-draft update!
The draft show will be held on Sunday 8. November at 19:00 UTC.
Hosted by our very own Andeh on SuddendeathTV !

Milton and bps, our two team captains, will be alternating in picking six players each from this amazing pool of players:
  • Sweden: Xantom, Raket, Greco, Grisling, Phrenic, MM
  • Great Britain: Sae, Hangtime
  • United States: BogoJoker, Sane
  • Finland: Diki, Creature
  • Canada: BLooD_DoG
  • Russia: Gor, Glad, Bulat
  • Netherlands: Wimpeeh, Blixem
  • Norway: Nigve
  • Poland: Insane
  • Hungary: Zero
  • Ireland: LordLame

There is still an opening to join the pool of players, but it is closing fast. If you want to be included, or know of how to contact someone that fit for the AllStars contact ocoini on the QuakeWorld Discord / ocoinio gmail com.

The AllStars 2020 main event will be held on Sunday 15. November 19:00 UTC on Sudden Death TV.
Make sure to mark your calender, and get your kids to bed, for the 3 hour long show!

Andeh togheter with Hemostick and Nidweyr will be guiding us through with live commentary on seven maps: Dm2, Dm3, E1m2, Cmt3, Cmt4, Schloss, and CTL8, with some of the best 4on4 we have seen in two years. Don't miss it!

(19:00 UTC in other timezones: 20:00 CET, EET 21:00, 14:00 EST, 11:00 PST, 22:00 MSK.)
Keep an eye on SuddenDeathTV - The AllStars 2020 is coming!
2020-10-28, 14:42
Sane??? wawaweewaa OMG
2020-10-30, 07:04
Isn't MM swedish?
2020-11-01, 23:02
I'm so confused right now - but OK MM is Swedish apparently
2020-11-06, 11:31
no Australia :/
2020-11-08, 19:48
draft done.
check https://www.quakeworld.nu/wiki/QuakeWorld_AllStars_2020
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