ocoini  /  29 Sep 2020, 22:00
Announcing the QuakeWorld 2020 AllStars - Back from a two year hiatus!
Quake, originally a character from D&D that ID' Software took inspiration from in 1990 to create Quake the game from. We also draw inspiration from excellent Quake characters that we fondly label 'the div0's' - These are the AllStars:
Our best and most influential players throughout Quake history that feel confident enough in their gameplay to participate at the highest echelon of QuakeWorld 4on4 TDM today.
Now 30 years after ID' Software's first ideas of Quake arose; we celebrate our game, and our community, with a 2 hour+ showmatch on SuddendeathTV, with top of the shelf 4on4 QuakeWorld players drafted into two fair teams to duke it out in a series of games.

The AllStars 2020 are now looking for more participants to fill our pool of potential players:
  • Do you know of one of the greats, and a way to contact them?
  • Are you one of the greats and would like to make a comeback?
Everyone can help us get the word out, and we appreciate it if you do: That the QuakeWorld AllStars is returning to SuddenDeathTV in October/November by posting on forums, sites, and poking your long forgotten QuakeWorld superstar friend!

We are taking map suggestions: The Big Three will be played – but we are looking to expand with 3 or 4 maps.
Feel free to make suggestions on maps you want featured, or start making your new epic 4on4 map today. Perhaps it will make it's debut on the AllStars!

The AllStars is a two part show – One where we hold a draft – Another for the actual games.
The games will be played in Europe - There are no ping rules.
This is a showmatch, all maps will be played regardless of overall score.

As previous AllStars have shown us, we typically get it "all": Nailbiter overtimes, Brilliant quadbores, Defiantly guarding of crucial packs, Amazing comebacks, Fantastic teamplay and Epic individual performances.

For some inkling on what to expect check out our previous AllStars:
Sadly the 2018 AllStars cast is lost, if anyone managed to save a copy of the actual cast, do share, we really want it back!
But 'thank Quake' we have Meag's excellent player pov with team voice communication:
find them on Meag's Youtube Channel.

The 2016 AllStars at SuddenDeathTV's youtube channel.

The first AllStars from 2015 at SuddenDeathTV

The team behind AllStars 2020 is:
Cast: Andeh, Hemostick & Nidweyr.
Graphics: Viag.
Webdesign: Xantom.
Tech: Meag, Stalkerrh, Ragga & ocoini.
Promotion: Ake Vader, Mushi, Hemostick & ocoini.
Captains & Player Relations: bps, Milton, Gor & ocoini.

Precises dates for the draftshow, gameshow and more details will follow later. As we are sorting out scheduling and waiting for “stragglers” to join the pool of players.
Keep checking QuakeWorld.nu for updates – or hop onto the QuakeWorld discord and send me a PM if you think you might qualify to participate!
Also feel free to make suggestions or ask questions in comment field below.

Keep an eye on SuddenDeathTV - The AllStars 2020 is coming!
2020-10-02, 11:39
I wanna see a high class ctl8
2020-10-02, 14:24
ctl8 is amazing I agree!
2020-10-02, 14:24
ctl8 is amazing I agree!
2020-10-02, 18:17
2020-10-02, 20:43
Schloss is great. But maybe it also sort of depends on the captains and final teams, since if few people know ctl8 then you won't get high level ctl8 ;p
2020-10-05, 22:33

Normally I would suggest Schloss and CMT4 to be added to the regular big 3, but I feel like they're old maps at this point.

My suggestion is the big 3, and then add 2 fresh maps that people haven't already practiced a lot (like Alice's new maps). I feel like 5 maps (5*20 minutes) is appropriate for the players as well. If we have too many maps and all maps are to be played, the players will get fatigued.

So happy to see another AllStars-game though! I'll do as much promotion as I can through my channels, and I'll contact some of the old boys to see if they want to participate.

QuakeWorld forever <3
2020-10-12, 20:34
I'd like to try out Rock by alice, haven't really played it yet since it's brand new. It would be new to most, I guess.
2020-10-16, 12:42
Rock, Obsidian, Cmt2 = Heaven
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