alice  /  15 Aug 2020, 18:54
Europe vs Australia events

Following two weekends there are two Europe vs Australia events

Sunday 16th Aug, 13.30 CET:
Team UK/IRELAND vs Team Australia
Lordlame, Sae, HangTime, Er -vs- Yeti, Harlsom, Dracs, Swoop
4on4 - dm2, dm3, e1m2

Sunday 23rd Aug:
11:30 CET:
lordlame vs Dirtbox
1on1 - best of 5, dm4
Lordlame vs Dirtbox VOD:

12.30 CET:
LocKtar vs Reload
1on1 - best of 5, dm2

LocKtar vs Reload VOD:
Pre-game interview:

Streamed by Andeh:
2020-08-25, 14:26
Noiz. Where can I find mvds?
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