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Ake Vader  /  9 May 2020, 23:50
ezQuake max neighbours count reached error
The last couple of days ezQuake has hit a limit with regards to data saved when building up the ping tree that is used when finding the best routes to servers using QWFWD proxies, causing the client to crash. The thing that triggered this was additional proxies being set up lately. The symptom of the problem is that ezQuake crashes and shows the error "EX_Browser_pathfind: max neighbours count reached" when building the ping tree, something that's done automatically at client start for many people as it's a feature enabled by default (at least in the popular nQuake package).

To circumvent this you can disable the find-best-route feature for now:
  • Set sb_findroutes 0 in ezquake/configs/config.cfg
  • Set sb_listcache 0 in ezquake/configs/config.cfg
  • Rename proxies_data to proxies_data.bak (located in This PC > Documents > ezQuake on Windows)

The long term solution is a fix in the client and for people to upgrade, however to keep the fragging going now the above method can be used.
2020-05-11, 10:57
new ezquake 3.5 version, alpha 24, fixes this
2020-06-28, 19:18
Fixed in:

3.6 (dev build):
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