dirtbox  /  9 May 2020, 05:35
Introducing the 2020 map remixes
The QW community is divided. There are those that are masculine and have what it takes to play the best qw maps ever made (dm2, dm4, dm6, etc) and then there are those who don't because they don't have minerals where they need them and the maps are just too hard or too unbalanced or too unfair...

What if someone made some very tiny tweaks to the masculine maps to make them less painful without ruining the flow of the game? Will the QW purists be outraged? Will the kenya noobs rejoice? It is time to find ouit.

Introducing the 2020 map remixes
Release date: Very soon.
2020-05-10, 13:13
First tournament to use the new maps:
2020-05-11, 14:58
I like it! Nice adjustment of the maps!
2020-05-11, 19:11
I think if we all woke up tomorrow and all the servers had replaced all the id maps with your modified maps then I imagine people would accept them. But I don't see many people wanting to play these modified maps while the regular maps are still present because it could negatively affect their ability to play the regular maps later. It would even be confusing/annoying for some players to find that items aren't where they expected.

So yeah, I'm all for tweaking the maps but there needs to be just one version of a map. I don't want to play different versions.
2020-05-12, 11:42
I can personally attest to the fact that these map changes are really good. Especially the DM4 changes, they are so subtle but definitely create a more 'active' dm4 game. I've played a few duels on this already against good opposition and the way the ammo packs are spread now, encouraging the player/forcing the player with control to move around the outskirts of the map and go a little deeper to get their ammo is REALLY good. I'm yet to see the widening of the below section create any actual difference in 'trapping' the opponent down there, still seems exactly the same to kill them there but with more games maybe i'll see this change play out. I think the dm2 change is also a good one because not much needed to be changed on this but the YA cage and NG to SNG are definitely good changes. I'd love to see these changes standardised everywhere but, i suppose i can dream?
2020-05-12, 12:37
lemonjuiced - yes you are probably right, every other game incrementally updates/fixes their maps as they go along. this is an experiment and we are going to use them in some tournaments to see how they fair. also its easier to type /dm2 than /claustrophobopolis2020
2020-05-13, 03:19
Could you prefix the released version with something, so it will be easier to vote/see these remixed versions on servers?
2020-05-13, 06:37
Zalon's comment sparks my brain to say it would be good if there was a GUI interface on servers rather than relying on console commands. not sure how hard this is to integrate given how ezQ is written but a central GUI on servers for map voting/ready/etc. as a good alternative to console commands would be pretty cool. Sort of tab across from 1on1 to 2on2 to 4on4 mode and the maps for them are listed (the main ones) and then theres a section which is custom - where all the custom maps are listed and other settings changable
2020-05-13, 22:52
While something like Quake Live's menu system would be cool, it currently is not easy to implement as ezQuake don't have any dynamic menu system (afaik).

If someone did a proof of concept using CSQC in FTE, that might motivate someone to port FTE's CSQC features to ezQuake, even tho that has been talked about for 10+ years
2020-05-14, 01:27
I would just be happy if I could filter the server browser so that no fortress servers come up and make it faster somehow...
2020-06-03, 22:23
Since the changes to bravado2020 are minimal, it's really easy to get the supporting files up to date. So here's the swapped loc and a skilfully renamed .lit file.
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