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meag  /  19 Apr 2020, 08:17
ezQuake 3.2 released
3.2 is finally finished. Most development effort in recent years has gone into the new renderer so there's relatively few changes here, just wanted to get this finished off so the changes could be integrated into 3.5.

For full changelog and download links, see github
Planned next steps are:

- Integrate 3.2's changes into 3.5 to make 3.6 (I have done this but with so many changes in 3.5 it needs a lot of testing)
- 3.6 to be the main development branch (in ezquake/master repo)
- Stop new features and focus on bugs stopping people using 3.6 (textures corrupt when rendering, AMD user problems, plenty of others)

Once 3.6 is stable and useable we'll get that released, and then look to 4.0 for vulkan support, new server browser and the other dozen unfinished branches lying around my machine...
2020-04-19, 11:04
Top work
2020-04-19, 14:54
2020-04-19, 21:54
awesome, great work!!
2020-04-19, 22:44
Good Job Guy , thank you !
2020-04-20, 15:49
2020-04-21, 12:45
Thank you so much for this, and for all the work that's being done on the renderer. It's an incredible achievement already.
2020-04-22, 09:21
It is very interesting that after being caught coding fullbright backpacks in to his own BSD client by posting a screenshot showing that he was using it.... VVD has had the thunderdome ruleset changed to allow this and other settings that are banned in tournaments (like cl_rollalpha).

As such, use of the thunderdome ruleset will result in disqualification of any future Duelmania tournaments.
2020-04-28, 00:00
How much are you obsessed with me that in every second post you blame me for something?
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