fourier  /  29 Mar 2020, 19:19
Thunderdome 13 season has been started!

We are pleased to announce the Thunderdome 13 "Baker's dozen" Duel tournament has stared now!

57 players registered, 50 from EU and 7 from USA: 6 divisions in EU and 1 in NA, Double Elimination no more than 8 players each (except Open Division - DE16), all games are Best Of 5.
Brackets are here:The games start from today, first deadline is 5th of April. This season is not supposed to be long and planned to finish by the 10th of May.

Find your opponents on Discord and on servers (here and here), don't forget to report your epic games and inform admins so we can have a chance (whenever is possible) to spectate and possibly stream the games.

Let the fight begin!
2020-04-06, 07:09
Current status of played maps in TD13:
bravado 20
ztndm3 16
aerowalk 16
catalyst 11
monsoon 8
shifter 7
toxicity_test2 6
dm4 2
skull 1
dm2 1
2020-04-27, 01:50
bravado 50
aerowalk 49
ztndm3 49
catalyst 38
toxicity_test2 27
monsoon 23
shifter 18
dm4 3
dm6 2
skull 2
dm2 1
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