Link  /  15 Mar 2020, 15:11
Draft Day!

Tonight 21.00 CET on Twitch, Hemostick will stream the live draft of the GetQuad! Draft Season 3.
82 players have signed up and we got 4 divisions this time:

Classic League 1: The best TB3 players.
Classic League 2: Tier 2 of the TB3 players.
Open League: Kenyas + TB3
Coaching League: Unexperienced 4v4 players will have an experienced coach.

Some players are going to play for 2 teams (Classic and Open) and we got some real interesting draftpickers. This time captains will be selected after the draft, also every team are allowed to do a trade after the draft is over.

In Classic League 2 we got 9 teams (!) and nice to see some oldschoolers finding their way back to a quakeworld tournament. The draft in Classic League 2 will be spectacular, as no one got a clue what the draftpickers are going to do. The unknown entities in this division are massive.

The new Coaching League will hopefully be successful, so that we can continue building a platform for players who wants to learn 4vs4. 4vs4 in quakeworld is still a very challenging game mode, 20+ years after we thought we knew what we were doing.

Classic League 1

Classic League 2

Open League

Coaching League

So be here 21.00 CET and get all the action. Hemostick will have Link and Xantom by his side to get through the draft.


2020-03-16, 15:03
Here is the VOD of the Draft:
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