Link  /  10 Mar 2020, 17:08
New 4on4 map release! Obsidian by queen*
Quakeworld hasn't had an official 4on4 (TDM) map release in nearly a decade. Let's do something about that...

OBSIDIAN A 4on4 (TDM) map by queen*. With textures and optimization by lurq!
Download the Full Map Package! Including .locs and helpful demos!

Centered on a runic energy facility considered to be a failed test bed for manufacturing obsidian, Obsidian is a very sparse map with high verticality and fast rotations. Designed with clear cut positional advantages on both minor and major scale, players are advised to never be greedy and always prioritize control over access points.

Special Thanks to: BLooD_DoG, Bold Huge Crunch, C@NIP, flintheart, Koala, lurq, viag, yeastiality, ZungryWare
diehuman's lair

Full Map Package | Map file (.bsp) | Location file (.loc)

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2020-03-10, 20:01
Smokin'! Looks great, gonna try it out asap. Thanks queen*!
2020-03-11, 17:35
very fun map, and after the initial disorientation, it is surprisingly intuitive.
mushi seal of approval!
2020-03-11, 20:59
Well, to be fair, there was Anni's map... (that's about official releases in a decade). Obsidian - we'll see how it plays, but I think it's already undoubtedly the most beautiful 4on4 map.
2020-03-12, 00:55
@Drake if I'm not mistaken Anni's map never exited beta? I believe it ended at beta6? If I'm wrong I will have it corrected sorry! Also thanks for all the nice comments everyone.
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