Link  /  27 Feb 2020, 21:04
GetQuad! Draft Season #3 Signups are Open

Quakeworld 4on4 rolls on with a new season of the GetQuad! Draft. This time there is something for everyone, no matter what your references are.
TB3, Kenya or you are a novice, it dont matter: The GetQuad! season #3 will fulfill your highest fantasies about quakeworld 4on4.

The elite will get their division, the tier 2 players will get their division, the kenya lovers will get their divison and last but not least; a brand new Coaching League for 4on4 rookies will also see the light of day.

Head over to the SIGNUP PAGE and read all about it.

Stay in touch at DISCORD. Admins are in #main.

The GetQuad website
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