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Milton's Mutants are the Kenya Masters

The first GetQuad! Kenya Invitational season is over and the Milton's Mutants are the champions. They played 5 group games and 2 playoff games and did not give away a single map. Most impressive. We have to say that the tournament was a success as it got all games played within the fixed schedule. A huge thanks goes out to all the players and captains that made it what it was.
The project started out as an invitational only because we wanted to ensure that we had players and captains that would see it through. And they all did. Everyone was really invited but not everyone could deliver the goods, so only the faithful attended. Captains were selected by the admins and when the player roster was done, teams were put together with the help of the Captains. The goal was to get as even teams as theoretically possible.

The teams

First of we had group games where everyone played each other 1 time, best of 3 maps. Every team selected 3 maps each and that resulted in a map pool with 10 maps:

cmt1b - cmt3 - cmt4 - ctl8 - e1m6tdm - e3m6tdm - e3m7tdm - gmdm1 - schloss - ukcldm2

Some real interesting maps here and how about ukcldm2 that has not seen a tournament since the real old days in the UK. Pretty nostalgic. Also a "brand new" map saw the light of day as the Mutant's presented gmdm1 to the world. A real nice vertical map, real different from anything else seen in the 4on4 community.

The most chosen maps got to be decider maps: cmt1b - cmt3 - cmt4.

Group games

As you can see from the group games there was one team that stood out above all the rest, with a 10-0 in mapscore.


Every team went to the playoffs, and we had 2 quarter finals: #3 vs #6 and #4 vs #5. The top 2 teams were waiting in the semis. The playoffs were best of 5 maps.

All details/stats about all games can be found here:

Even though many had Milton's Mutants as favourites, we could not really expect them to play 16 maps and win every single map. Sure, some close calls along the way, but winning all was almost ridiculous. It's clear that the worlds best quakeworld player really shined in this tournament and his teammates did great as well.

So a big congrats to Milton - Klice - Lurq - Pattah - Toma

Well deserved kenya champions!

All 10 maps also got played in the tournament and here are some stats, group games and playoffs included:

Number shows how many times the map was played:
13 - schloss
08 - gmdm1
07 - cmt3
06 - ukcldm2
06 - cmt4
04 - cmt1b
04 - e3m7tdm
04 - e1m6tdm
02 - ctl8
01 - e3m6tdm

schloss was played the most and all 6 teams played it. Also all teams - except one - managed to get a win on schloss. Hangtime's Horroshow played schloss twice, but lost both.

gmdm1 was only chosen by 1 team - Milton's Mutants - and they played 7 games. The exception was the game between Blixem's Buffoons and Hangtime's Horrorshow, who played gmdm1 vs each other.

cmt3 was played 7 times. All 5 teams who played it, won a game on it. Blixem's Buffoons won 3 games on it, but also lost a game on it, so their 100 % on cmt3 did not happen. Milton's Mutants never played it.

ukcldm2 was played 6 times and only Hangtime's Horroshow and Blixem's Buffons won it. They also both got 100 % on it. They did not played the map when they faced each other. Horroshow 4 wins, Buffoons 2 wins. Milton's Mutants never played that map either.

cmt4 was also played 6 times. But only 2 times during the group games and 4 times in the playoffs. So all playoff games, except the final, saw cmt4. Henu's Hippos and Milton's Mutants played it once, and both won, recording 100 % on it. Creature's Crazies and Hangtime's Horroshow played it 3 times each, and both won twice.

cmt1b was played 4 times. Creature's Crazies got 100 % on it, playing it once, winning it once. Blixem's Buffoons was strong on it winning it 2 out of 2, but lost the 3rd time on it in the final vs Milton's Mutants.

e3m7tdm was also played 4 times. Glad's Gladiators played it 3 times and won 2 of them. Only Milton's Mutans got 100 % on it, playing it once, winning it once.

e1m6tdm was also played 4 times. Glad's Gladiators picked the map 3 times as their homemap but failed all times and got 3 losses on 3 attempts. Fail. Creature's Crazies played it twice and won both. 100 %. And ofc Milton's Mutants got their 100 % playing it once.

ctl8 - The conversion from Quake 3's Grim Dungeons (q3dm14) was already inserted in GetQuad! Draft #2, and proved to be a very interesting map. However it only got played twice. Hangtime's Horrorshow chose it vs Milton's Mutants in the group game, probably to avoid the Mutants getting any free pracs on ukcldm2, thinking ahead towards the playoffs. I cant see any other reason they would do such a thing Mutant's ofc winning that and 100 %. Blixem's Buffoons also won it vs Henu's Hippos in the semifinal, also getting 100 %.

e3m6tdm was only played once, as Glad's Gladiators chose it vs Creature's Crazies, recording the lowest fragcount of all maps played in this tournament: 133 - 98. A good old days standoff and fragscore

Total map score
16 - 00 / +16...Milton's Mutants - did not play cmt3, ukcldm2 and e3m6tdm
11 - 09 / +02...Blixem's Buffoons - did not play e1m6tdm and e3m6tdm
07 - 10 / -03...Hangtime's Horrorshow - 4 of the map wins were ukcldm2, did not play e3m6tdm and e3m7tdm
09 - 14 / -05...Henu's Hippos - played all maps except e1m6tdm. Won all schloss except vs Mutants
07 - 12 / -05...Creature's Crazies - played all 10 maps
05 - 10 / -05...Glad's Gladiators - did not play cmt1b and ctl8

Any more stats feel free to write it in the comments

See you soon in GetQuad! Draft #3...signups just around the corner.

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2020-02-23, 14:51
Congrats to the winners and everyone who participated and had some fun. It is good to see things are still alive and kicking even if I haven't followed a single game this time.. keep it up folks.
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