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Bogeymen and Lunatics are the champions

The second editon of the GetQuad! Draft is now over. Season 2 ended last night with the division 2 grand final and bronze final. Division 1 did their grand final on wedensday; we sum up the playoffs.

The playoffs cut the teams down to half, from 8 to 4 teams and the games were now best of 5 maps. Xantom Xysters did a real good season losing only 1 game and faced the late bloomers of Nigve's Gopnigs. Even though it was a 3-0 score the Xysters could have taken either map; all maps were close and got decided in the ending minutes. Gopnigs on fire lately and winning 9 of their last 9 maps was going to mean something going on to the grand final.

In the second semi we had the favourites with a 100 % record; Bps' Bogeymen. They would have to get past Henu's Hippos to get a chance to claim the crown...and what a game it was! It went down to the wire in a 5 map thriller and only in the last couple of minutes could the Bogeymen take a deep breath. The Hippos played great but came up a little bit short.

In the bronze game both teams agreed upon Bo3, not really keen on playing the "losers" final. But it was yet another good game with players showing exceptional skills. And once again the decider map was a close call. Great season by both teams!

The much anticipated final was upon us but instead of a battle of the giants it turned out to be a showing of supremacy by the Bogeymen. After going 6 games without conceding a map, they gave away 1 map to the Xysters and 2 maps to the Hippos. And facing the hotness of the Gopnigs in the final, they had to be on their toes. Well, no worries from Bps' men: They swept it 3-0 with a crushing finish. Impressive...most impressive!

So a big congrats to: BPS - MM - OK98 - KIP - FLINTHEART.


We had the same story in div. 2: The red hot favourites, with a 100 % record, facing the 4th best team. Glad's Royal Baggers vs Dago's Double Penetrators. But what is a playoff without an upset? Dago's boys kicked off with a 2-0 lead and managed to pull out a victory on the 5th map, even though decider map was the Baggers choice of map. Disappointing by Glad's team, but the Penetrators played their best game of the season and was awarded with a spot in the grand final!

In the other semi it was #2 vs #3 and this game got as close as expected. Link's Lunatics vs Nas' Nerds. Both teams winning and losing a map choice, resulting in a 2-2 score. And in a fierce battle for 20 minutes on e1m2 the difference was only 10 frags after 100 minutes of play! Could have gone either way but the Lunatics went on to the final.

The bronze game went to 4 maps and the Royal Baggers took it home. The Nerds went down 0-2 but fought back and won the 3rd map. But the Baggers wouldnt be denied and they got the bronze medal after 4 maps: 3-1. Great season by both teams.

As in div. 1, the grand final was not as exciting as it could have been. The Penetrators had to win their kenya but failed to do so, leaving a 2-0 score to the Lunatics. 3rd map was dm2 and the Lunatics started to float on clouds; they played their best dm2 of the season, leaving the Penetrators no chance what so ever. Again: Most impressive and a well deserved victory.

So a big congrats to: LINK - COSMOS - FGH - NAUTILUS - BILLYTHEKID.

All results, screens and demos can be found at:

The GetQuad website

Be sure to check out DISCORD for all the latest news and updates.

A season summary will be up sometimes this x-mas.
2019-12-20, 15:14
It was a great season and created some excellent 4on4 action (and for me a reason to look into QW again ). Congratulations to the victors and thanks to everyone involved in running the season with special kudos to all those Twitch-streamers. It really provided an opportunity to follow "what's going on" when you are on the road or simply without access to your QW computer.
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