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GetQuad! Season 2: Race for the Playoffs

In divison 1 we are now heading towards the final stretch in the hunt for those precious playoff spots. In division 2 that race is over after yesterday games.
Both divisions contain 8 teams each, with half of them going to the semifinals. Then we got bronze final and grand final. All games in the playoffs are best of 5 maps.

Standings Division 2

Yesterday Klice's Kittens faith was sealed when they went down 1-2 to Nas's Nerds. The Kittens needed a win to have a chance for the playoffs. As you can see from the table now, no team below the 4th spot can make 4 wins. Royal Baggers, Link's Lunatics, Dago's Double Penetrators and Nas' Nerds will in the last games play for rankings; who meets who in the semis.

Standings Division 1

In division 1 we got a real scramble for the last 2 playoff spots. Bps' Bogeymen and Xantom Xysters are gonna be ranked #1 and #2 and will not play each other in the semis. They will play each other in the last groupgame and we might have a "pre-final" on our hands. Should be hot. The rest of the teams can ALL make the playoffs with 3 wins each. Some teams can also make 4 wins. In other words: everything is in their own hands. Henu's Hippos looks safe, but if they lose the last game and the teams around them win, they can miss out. So no one is safe, yet.

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