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GetQuad! Season #2 at 50 %

We are half way into the new GetQuad! Draft season; 29 of the 56 group games have been played and some teams are already showing they are a hot ticket for the playoffs, while some others got more work to do, to get their team into the postseason. 8 of the 16 teams advance to the playoffs.
Whats the beauty of the Draft?

Well, the first thing is that - in theory - teams will be equal. Thats a good thing in it self. But then you got the draft picks and this is where it gets interesting. If a Captain dont pick good, his team will be weaker, and ofc the opposite; you do good picks your team gets stronger. So in short; a Captains responsibility is huge. You need to pick good and you need to manage your team well. But some factors you cant control or can you? What shape are the players in? How active are they? How dedicated are they? Or maybe a Captain should know this as well before the picks?

It's a nice and exciting bunch of all these factors that will make the outcome on how the team will perform.

Standings Division 2

The Royal Baggers got 5 wins in 5 matches only giving away 2 maps. They are in the playoffs with 2 games to go. They have proven themselves to be the best team in the division so far. Then we got 4 teams fighting for the 3 remaining spots and as we can see, it is pretty tight with the Lunatics having 7 map wins, Nerds and Penetrators 6 map wins each and the Kittens with 5 map wins. BHC's Bunch still got a shot at making the playoffs but they would probably need their 3 last games to be 3 wins. Lunatics got the advange here as they have yet to play the 2 bottom teams: Zombies and Annihilators. But even the Zombies can make it if they dig up 4 wins in a row. But it doesnt look good for the bottom teams as they have recorded 0 map wins in all their games.

Before the division started all teams got to add a kenyamap each in the map pool and 6 maps where added. 4 kenyas have been played: cmt1b, cmt4, cmt5b and ctl8. But TB3 are still the favored maps. Maybe something to think about in the future for division 2?

Standings Division 1

The anticipation for division 1 is always high, with some old stars coming back for each season and the change in Captains and players in general. Regarding to what i said at the start of this update i have to give credit to Bps for picking very well. The results show it; 4 wins in a row with a crushing dm2 record: 1297 frags for, 402 against. Averaging about 324 - 100 each time they play dm2. That makes even the Boners dm2's from season 1 look like a small joke. The other maps have been much tighter but still they have 0 map losses. Impressive stuff by the Bogeymen. Xantom's crew have also been impressive, also shredding out 4 wins in a row. Some tighter games here and they have lost 2 maps, but their e1m2 game is very hot having a 100 % record there. They will be hard to beat on that map.

The rest of the teams are pretty much scrambling for playoff spots and nothing is certain yet. Hippos, Crazies and Ballerinas got a 50 % win rate so far and even if Devastators got 3 losses they are all 1-2 losses, meaning they got 3 map wins. Mazer's Misery only got 1 map win and with 3 losses they probably need to win the rest. Nigve's Gopnigs with the famous Paradoks have started with 2 losses and they need to turn it around or they will fail to reach the playoffs.

So exciting stuff ahead in the Get Quad! Season #2 so far and more is to come.

A big thanks goes out to all the players, streamers, admins and everyone else involved who makes this possible!

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Stay tuned!
2019-11-04, 18:11
Great mid season writeup Link, thanks!
2019-11-04, 21:06
Indeed, indeed: as usual from you, Link, good stuff.
2019-11-14, 17:10
who let paradoks out?
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