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GetQuad! season 2 ready to go

Quakeworld 4v4 is back again and 83 players (+ additional standins) have been drafted into 16 teams by 16 captains over 2 divisions. The GetQuad discord server is "reset" and teams are ready to go.
The draft went down on sunday night at TastyspleenTV with Jehar making it all happen as smooth as silk. 14 of 16 captains attended and players were biting their fingers. Watch it all here:

You rock Jehar

Here is the lazy text version:

Nigve's Gopnigs: Nigve, Paradoks, sae, Blassy, inf
HENU's HIPPOS: HENU, Fix, Baresi, Eikooren, Flamer
mazer's misery: mazer, niw, Conan, PreMorteM, Anza
Creature's Crazies: Creature, raket, er, nice, gLAd
dev's devastators: dev, Grc, IgggY, MUSHI, D0PESK1LLZ
BLooD_DoG's Ballerinas: BLooD_DoG, Xaka (Shaka), infinity (blixem), gore, Link
Bps' Bogeymen: bps, mm, Ok98, kip, flintheart
XantoM Xysters: XantoM, HangTime, lordlame, Nidweyr, tumult

Zalon's Zombies: Zalon, insane, diehuman, wakecold, raz0
anni's annihilators: anni, billy, andy, Abraxas, doomie, multibear
Klice's Kittens: Klice, ocoini, viag, Erlend, m3ssia, Pascal
dago's double penetrators: dago, john_rambo, qirex, cuky, Valde
BoldHugeCrunch's BoldHugeBunch: BoldHugeCrunch, D1ma, pattah, RaggA, STALKERRH
von's Royal baggers: von, Tiaido (tiall), rghst, Calinou, skurk
nas' nerds: nas, Lurq, Katsku, Defcon 5, toma
Link's Lunatics: Link, cosmos, fgh, Nautilus, Captain BillyTheKid

All teams will now play each other - 7 games each - and after that the top 4 teams in each division goes to playoff; semis, bronzegame and final. You can find season 1 HERE.

It's safe to say that we will once again have lots of good and unpredictable games. There will be excitement, there will be joy, there will be tears, there will be blood and there will be streams.

Any predictions from here will be just as good/bad as yours.

Happy gibbing.
2019-09-25, 15:06
Thanks to everyone for hosting this event and giving it this amazing frame. Looking forward to the games!
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