RaggA  /  3 Sep 2019, 22:17
Time2Hammer & Hammer Time Season 2 Announcement.

With QHLAN over and server activity starting to pick up again it is time for Quakeworld season to kick off once more. And here at HammerTime HQ we have been hard at work over the summer break putting together not just one but two new tournaments for the autumn/winter period.
Time2Hammer Team League.
Sign ups: OPEN NOW
Start date: 6/10/2019

To kick things off we bring a new 2on2 competition. We will be using the HammerTime league format, both teams picking their best maps with no vetoes and all maps being played, hoping to bring that 'every map matters' excitement to the season.
One minor change we shall be making to the format in T2H is that in the map selection process each team will pick two maps each instead of the usual three map picks in HammerTime. We are doing this in recognition of the fact that it is much harder to coordinate time scheduling with four people involved. Map pool for T2H will comprise aerowalk, bravado, catalyst, dm2, dm4, dm6, shifter, & ztndm3.

Sign ups are now open, just head on over to the web site.

HammerTime Season 2
Sign ups: 24/11/2019 22/12/2019
Start date: 5/1/2020

Back by popular demand (seriously, you can stop messaging me now!) the HammerTime Duel League returns for a second season! Looking to build on the success of season one we have been listening to the community's feedback and trying to make some refinements to make season two an even more fun experience.
One of the main concerns that was expressed to us by the players was the feeling of burn out after the long three month campaign in the first season. This year we will still be keeping our six map match format but we will be splitting the players into smaller, more manageable divisions, allowing us to maintain the same nail biting matches and reach a conclusion much quicker. We also hope that the spread of players across smaller more numerous divisions will ease out the skill curve as we move through the tables leading to more competitive matches all round.
The map pool this year shall be aerowalk, bravado, catalyst, dm2, dm4, dm6, skull & ztndm3

More details on HammerTime Season 2 shall be announced in November.

Any questions regarding either league please leave a comment below or if you wish to discuss anything in greater detail feel free to contact myself (RaggA) or Hammer, via Discord. You can join our discord here
2019-09-06, 19:54
hell yeah! \m/
2019-09-09, 20:30
It's ON
2019-09-10, 18:01
Like Donkey Kong!
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