praxismo  /  23 Aug 2019, 18:29
New Map Conversion: 'Catalyst' - Reaches Final Release.
After many months of work and numerous iterations, long time deathmatch player fourier has finally completed converting one of his favourite maps: Catalyst, originally by tehace, for the game Reflex Arena.

A small map, focused for 1on1 and 2on2, the gameplay is fast, and extremely punishing.

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Originally started in December 2018, fourier quickly decided to save time and energy, by creating a specific tool to convert the brushes and items. After that, the map went through several iterations through alpha and beta, eventually progressing to a one day tournament on catalyst_b1, where VVD took first place.

Map files are available both here and on the mirror site. The map is currently available to play on,,,, and We can expect it to be on more servers soon, as several tournament admins have already decided to include it in the pools of their upcoming tournaments.

fourier would like to extend his gratitude to all of the people involved in the creation of the map:

- tehace - The original author
- dumptruck_ds, lurq, QuakeR, Thuriam - For all the mapping help!
- LKO, Sharqosity, allan, GoaLithium, erad, Cthulhu - For gameplay and geometry comments from the Reflex boyz!
- john, sae, bgnr, VVD, and others - For early testing and comments!
2019-08-28, 15:39
Will be in Thunderdome Season 12 in the Default map pool. Registration will open in few weeks.
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