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QHLAN 2019 Updates

Courtesy of the QHLan crew, here are some latest news about this historic tournament venue
The QHLan 2019 crew is currently finalizing the format, with the main disciplines as follows:

4on4 Teams
  • Map Pool: TB3
    Bracket: Single until QF, Double Elim for QF and after
    Seeded by Admins
    For double, seeded by map wins minus losses, with previous seeding as tie-break

4on4 Draft
  • Map Pool: TB3
  • Bracket: Double
  • Admins pick captains, captains pick teams (if a picked captain refuses to be a captain, they can not play the draft)

2on2 Teams
  • Map Pool: TB5
  • Bracket: Double
  • Seeded by Admins

1on1 Duel
  • Map Pool: To be determined (see below)
  • After qualifiers, two top players of each group will play the next group at Gold division, while bottom two go to Silver division
  • Top two of Gold and top two of Silver play double elimination seeded by ore (Gold first) and overall points

  • Best of 7
  • Bracket: Single
  • Seeded by admins

For the duel map pool determination, players will answer two questions during sign up:
  • Standard TB5 (2,4,6,A,Z) or Extended TB7?
  • (if Extended) Skull or Shifter? (in addition to Bravado)

ALL SIGN UPS CLOSE 24H BEFORE TOURNAMENT PRIME TIME (except 2on2 signups which close Friday noon)
  • Tournament management set for each tournament 2 hours after sign-ups deadline (we will need time for seeding, drafting, etc.)
  • Non-Prime matches (everything but the two Semis and the Final / Grand Final of each tournament) plays from the moment tournament management is set (brackets publicly available) until ONE HOUR before prime time start time.

Prime games schedule
  • 2on2 prime: starting FRIDAY 22:00
  • 1on1 prime: starting SATURDAY 20:00
  • 4on4 draft prime: starting SUNDAY 18:00
  • 4on4 team prime: starting SUNDAY 22:00
  • END and POVDMM4 sub-prime: starting MONDAY 18:00

Starts 14:00 every day (Monday TBD) and picks interesting games from the tournament management view. Prime games have to be played sequentially so all prime games can be streamed.

Tournament management
The tournament will be manually updated by a team of off-site admins who are going to be responsible for gathering all results and posting. A Discord channel full of admins will accept match reporting to push it forward.

Prize pool distribution
  • 50% for 4on4 Draft
  • 25% for 2on2
  • 25% for 1on1
  • ABSOLUTE FAME AND GLORY for the 4on4 Team

For each discipline, the top finishers distribute that prize pool:
  • 50% 1st place
  • 30% 2nd place
  • 20% 3rd place

As with the previous edition, there is yet again a crowdfunding campaign for the prize pool. While players with flair can look forward to contesting the Warzon trophy which is also making a return.

Links: QHLAN Website, Trailer
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Wake the fuck up and play
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