praxismo  /  16 Jun 2019, 11:39
GetQuad Summer Ladder 2019

For those that wish to play more 4on4 over the summer, we have created a no-frills summer ladder.

Read on for more info:
No big time commitment necessary: Since it is a ladder, teams can play as little or as much as they want, when they want.

Try new maps, or stick to your favourites: We have made an eleven map pool (listed on the signup page). 'ROFL', you may say, but if you don't like a map: Don't play it, it's a ladder! Having an extended map pool (in a tournament where you're not forced to play any single map) will help us all decide what will be best for a more restricted, enforced map pool in the next draft.

Play 1 map games, 2, 3, or 10: We don't care! You play how you want, vs whomever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want - it's a ladder! You agree upon the conditions with the opposing team.

Signups are individual and anyone can sign up: If your previous team is not generally interested, but you are, we've got your back. We will preserve, as much as possible, the teams from GetQuad division 2, and rebalance the teams with the best (and worst) signups from outside. New teams may have to be created, or old disbanded, depending upon signups. If you're div1: sign up and help the underlings learn how to play. If you're div3: sign up, play and learn in the pracs with your captain, and fight to deserve a position in division 2.

Stay fresh right up to QHLan: That's right: the ladder will finish 10 days before the best LAN event in the world.

Sign up HERE
2019-06-29, 19:23
Why can't one see who is signed up before deciding to sign up?
2019-07-03, 09:24
it is a conspiracy
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