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GetQuad! 4vs4 Draft, season 1, is history
So, its late March and im on this "new stuff" discord and getting some qw in my veins again. I just finished a 2on2 tournament with Baresi that we got into by going in the backdoor in the last second. 2,5 months later and the GetQuad! 4vs4 Draft, season 1, has been completed. Life is strange. I'll sum that up a little bit and also sum up the playoffs and give you some stats.
Lordlame helps me out with a signup form, that i dont know much about, and i get a signup going. Prior to that i did some research in the community, talked to some ppl and got some feedback. The talk was that this could be a good time to do this, the timing might fit, for various reasons. Well in the first few hours we had 30 signups and after 48 hours 63 players had signed. We ended up at 83. So it took like 3 days total to get a signup up and to close it with enuff signups to get a number we were aiming for. I really couldnt believe it took that short of a time. Someone hungry for 4vs4?

Things are now in motion with the awesome community we got and suddenly we got an unpresedented discord server up and running with a nice name to it. Someone deserves a medal for that. At the same time we get a live draft going with a known streamer in the community and that really sparks up the show.

It all ends up with a qw-orgasm that results in 4 mixes happening - simultaneously - minutes after the draft is complete.

I was amazed.

Not by myself, coz i always believe in myself and i always think you can do that or do this, np, just see it through and dont let anyone talk you down. I was amazed on how fast things went, i was amazed by all the ppl involved that was so incredible dedicated and wanted this so bad.

This was truely and utterly a big community operation that needed help from everyone involved. It was real teamplay. And ofc you gotta love real teamplay, thats what we want. Some did more than others ofc, if you count workhours, and without these ppl: No Show. But you also got those who said yes to come back and play and we wouldnt have a show without them either. We all did something to make this happen, in a big way or in a small way. You all count.

Now we are talking about getting a summer-ladder up for more casual games and keeping the 4vs4 spirit alive. Then its QHLAN. And then we hopefully go again. Seems like we should just skip this summer and go straight to september, eh?

Oh, and Romero, if you read this; get some 4vs4 prac going in your office and join up in september, as a team or individuals. Challenge accepted? This IS the greatest game ever made, so might as well join

We had a big showdown with the div.1 and div.2 playoffs: Semifinals and Finals, all best of 5 maps.

Division 2
Semifinal 1: Lordlame's Legends vs Igggy's Infidels
The Legends were the favourites but the Infidels showed up for this match. First map e1m2 was a classic with the score of 209-200 to the Legends. Awesome game. Then most were thinking its gonna be 2-0 now with dm3 coming up. Wrong. The Infidels displayed great teamplay and skill and shuved dm3 down the Legends throat. 1-1. Then it turned kenya and the Legends experience on schloss clearly were better. Then on cmt4 we had yet another close game but again the Legends made the margins count. Legends win 3-1 and move on to the final. The Infidels could have taken this, and they know it. Good for them, they played their best game of the season and went down standing tall. The Legends kept their status as favourites.

Semifinal 2: Nidwer's Neds vs Forza Baresi!
A match that was anticipated to go all the way down to the wire. And it did. Both teams choosing 2 kenyas each: cmt2, schloss, e3m3tdm and cmt4. They won 1 each rather comfy and 1 each with a closer margin. Im not sure, but this might be the first playoff game, ever, with 4 maps played in a bo5 with no TB3 maps played when TB3 was available? You tell me. I guess the winning instinct took over, not want to risk loosing a close fight? Well, in the end it was unavoidable: TB3 decider was dm3. A tight fight all the way ended in victory in favour of Forza Baresi! It was anyones game really and both teams played well. But Forza Baresi! got revenge from the groupgame, even if it took 5 maps to do it.

Bronzegame: Nidwer's Neds vs Igggy's Infidels
The Neds again in a 5 game map and again they win their kenyas, rather comfy. The Infidels won all 3 TB3 maps, and the game 3-2. And they proved a point: Of their 5 TB3 maps in the playoffs, they won 4 and lost 1 (with 9 frags). Nice to see this team pulling up some good play in the playoffs. For the Neds it was yet another close call; they are a good team and to lose both games in the playoffs, playing all 10 maps, is harsh. They played excellent from game 1 to game 7.

Grand Final: Lordlame's Legends vs Forza Baresi!
Before the semifinal Forza Baresi! had pracced for 200 minutes on cmt2, wanting some edge on it. The Legends were smart and did some prac of their own. Smart, as they made the upset and won it, by 11 frags. Then they were 2-0 up after a strong e1m2 and Baresis had to push the default button and bring in the map from hell; e3m3tdm. The Legends prolly thought they had a shot at it but got smashed, as Baresis had learned a lesson last time around. Then Legends went TB3 once again and dm3 was up. Legends were the better team here and got some "control" leading the scoreboard all game long. Baresis made several "mini" comebacks and played well but could not make the big one to equalize. So a 3-1 win to the Legends.

Champions: Lordlame's Legends
Runner up: Forza Baresi!
Bronze: Igggy's Infidels
4th: Nidweyr's Neds

Worth a note: of the 18 maps played in the playoffs, only 8 were TB3.

TB3 vs Kenya 35 - 20
dm2/dm3 vs Kenya 19 - 20

Hail kenya?

Division 1
Semifinal 1: Milton's Mutants vs Bps' Basilisks
Basilisks made it to the playoffs as the last team and the Mutants were heavy favourites as top dog. Despite that, we know that on this level anything can happen on TB3. But when all the dust was gone we had the mapscore of 3-0, with the scores; 281-141 @ dm3, 320-157 @ e1m2 and 298-162 @ dm2. There is really not much more to say than very impressive stuff from Milton's team. The Basilisks is a very good team but they didnt stand a realistic chance. The Mutants amplified their status as the best team, no doubt.

Semifinal 2: BlooD_DoG's Boners vs Dev's Devastators
"The anticipated game" is the frase i will use here. Both these teams did impress in the group stage, in their own way. Devastators as a good allround team that could beat anyone, on any map, and the Boners as the best dm2 team seen in a long time. Ironicly it was the Devastators who came closest on dm2 vs these dogs. So the tone was set for this matchup. It kicked off with dm3 and everyone needed the Devasators to win this one or they would be in trouble. But the Boners played excellent, taking it with 97 frags. Impressive. Then on to dm2 and we needed an upset but that didnt come, but close: 220-195 to the Boners. Now e1m2, a good chance for Devastators here, but Xterm went in transcendence and put up an outstanding performance, leaving no chance for the Devastators to catch up. So yet another impressive 3-0 win.

Bronzegame: Bps' Basilisks vs Dev's Devastators
The "losers" final does not always give everyone the same motivation perhaps, but never the less a medal is at stake and that should motivate enough? The Basilisks won dm3 convincingly and to no ones surprise the Devastators equalized on dm2, with a "clear" margin. Then yet another thrilling e1m2 got showcased and the Basilisks was on the winning side of the frags. Then a re-match on dm2 and finally the Basilisks got a dm2 win again on another close call. So bronze to Bps' team after som struggling in the late groupgames. The Devastators fell short 2 times in the playoffs after a good run in the groupgames. Too bad for them, they are an excellent team.

Grand Final: BlooD_DoG's Boners vs Milton's Mutants
These two teams proved they were the 2 best teams, all season long, in the semis, so it was only fitting they did their final battle in the biggest game of the season. There was a couple of questions that would be answered; Could Mutants take down Boners on dm2? Would Mutants finally go down? In playoffs like this and in big games, some other elements kick in; the psycic of the mind. Some ppl thrive under pressure, others do not. The Mutants blasted the Boners to kingdom come on dm2: 296-150! Wow! I never thought i would see it...not with that score. The adrenalized Mutants continued their onslaught on dm3: 285-166. The Boners did a valiant try on e1m2 and griffin/xterm played their guts out, but with Milton playing lights out all evening it was unavoidable. 3-0 Mutants after a fantastic display of FPS gaming. And with Milton getting over a 100 frags on each map...what can you say? 2 things: Superstar and MVP. Mutants are the champions with a 100 % record. We also give a big congrats to the Boners, what a season they did!

Champions: Milton's Mutants
Runner up: BlooD_DoG's Boners
Bronze: Bps' Basilisks
4th: Dev's Devastators

I'll round this season up with some interesting stats:

Milton's Mutants was 100 % on e1m2 (5 of 5). They lost only 2 maps, of 18.
Zero's Heroes and Creatures's Crazies played only once on e1m2, which they lost.
Lordlame's Legends was 100 % on 4 maps (e1m2, dm2, cmt2, cmt4) and like the Mutants, they won all of their games.
Nidweyr's Neds was 100 % on schloss and cmt4. They played TB3 12 times and lost 8 of them.
Forza Baresi! was 100 % on e3m3tdm and dm2 (1 game on dm2).
Igggy's Infidels played 16 times on TB3, winning 10 of them. They lost all non-TB3.
Flintheart's Fireblasters only played 10 maps, each game ending in a 2-0 result.
Inf's Inferno only played 1 non-TB3 map (schloss), loosing both times.
Zalon's Zombies won all of their games, loosing only 1 map, getting 100 % on all maps except 1 map (dm2).
Viag's Violators only played 3 maps (dm2, dm3, schloss) and got 0 map wins.

Map stats division 1:

dm2 played 17 times
dm3 played 17 times
e1m2 played 12 times

Of the 18 games played in division 1, only 6 of them were a game were both teams won a map. 12 games went to 2-0 or 3-0.

Map stats division 2:

e1m2 played 16 times
dm3 played 10 times
dm2 played 9 times
schloss played 9 times
e3m3tdm played 6 times
cmt4 played 3 times
cmt2 played 2 times
cmt3 played 0 times

Of the 19 games played in division 2, 11 of them were a game were both teams won a map. 8 games went 2-0. All playoff games were 3-1 or 3-2.

Map stats division 3:

dm2 played 8 times
dm3 played 6 times
schloss played 4 times
e1m2 played 2 times
cmt2 played 0 times
cmt3 played 0 times
cmt4 played 0 times
e3m3tdm played 0 times

Of the 9 games played in division 3, 7 of them went to 2-0. Dm2 was played in all games except 1.

Have a nice f***ing summer!
2019-06-13, 21:28
Great post and great tournament - thanks to all who contributed, looking forward to the next one
2019-06-13, 21:47
Was a nice tournament indeed. Previously I've not been too fond of the draft concept but when the teams are balanced and the games so close it ends up very interesting.

My own thoughts regarding a potential new season is that I'd wait until fall and also not make too many changes; just adjust the map pool and that's it pretty much on the rules front. I think it's especially important to keep the division concept as mixing too varied skill levels just ends up in crap quality games (typically one man shows) and less fun for everyone. Should be even better teams next time as captains probably have a better idea of who to pick.

It was gg's and thanks for the great work and great games!
2019-06-14, 08:54
Well played and nicely done everyone
2019-06-14, 21:23
Yet another masterpiece, link. GJ!
Is that reference to Romero something serious? I mean, did someone get in touch with him about this?

Where can I grab demos?
2019-06-15, 07:54
Hey toma.

Badplace doesn't seem to have all the demos yet, so the best places to grab them are on the GetQuad discord, or the website:

I could probably also share a demo pack with you if you contact me on discord (john).
2019-06-16, 18:40
Toma: Apparently Romero and his gang is playing nQuake every day in the office
2019-06-18, 10:46
Hey praxismo,
Would you mind uploading the demo pack to this site? Probably others are also interested...
I am not sure which section is the best place, though (game content, maybe?).

Link, how do we know about that?
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