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GetQuad! Playoffs \o/
Now as the division games are finished we are going to the playoffs. Divison 3 is the exception as they will not have playoffs; the Zombies took the championship when they beat the Zeniths in the last division game; Congrats to Zalon's team on a 100 % record!
Division 3 - Finished
As mentioned above, Zalon's Zombies won all 4 games and won the division. They only dropped 1 map and truely deserved the championship. Zigg1zagg1's Zeniths took 2nd place, only losing to the champions. Ocoini's Occults took 3rd place, ahead of Bgnr's Brotherhood. Viag's Violaters fought valiantly but didnt manage to put a point on the board and came last. Lets hope we got enough positives out of this division 3 journey to spawn future 4v4 games and recruitment to our lowest tier. Quakeworld needs it. The lowest tier is the most challenging to get done well, but we have to say: Well done divison 3!

Division 2 - Playoffs
All 6 teams did an excellent job and all games got played. And every game had quality, fun and excitement. Flintheart's Fireblasters and Inf's Inferno did not make it to the playoffs but both teams did well: Close games in a very tight division. Lordlame's Legends proved their skill and teamplay by winning all games, losing only 2 maps. Nidweyr's Neds lost 1 game but gave up 5 maps, same as Forza Baresi!, but Neds with 1 map win more. Igggy's Infidels took the last playoff spot, but lost all games to the teams above them...and won the games vs the teams below them.

Semifinal 1, #1 vs #4: Lordlame's Legends vs Igggy's Infidels
When: Sunday June 2, 22:00 CEST
There's no doubt that the Legends are favorites to advance to the final, but you cant help to think that the Infidels have not been at their best yet. The team has potential but it seems that they have not been able to convert that into results. And ofc the time you have to be able to get some prac games going are probably their biggest challenge. Now with 5 games in the bag and the knowledge of all their enemies...can they make an upset? As we all know the Legends are going to pick dm3 and the Infidels are not very fond of kenyas, so it will be a big surprise if we se any kenyas, unless we go to map #4. Having said that, we know that the Legends can play kenyas as well and if they reckon we will see at least 4 maps, maybe they will pull up a kenya from the hat? We will find out.

Prediction: Legends in 4

Semifinal 2, #2 vs #3: Nidweyr's Neds vs Forza Baresi!
When: Probably Friday June 7, 21-22:00ish CEST
These two teams are the most even teams in the division. They are equal in all categories: Captains, teamplay and skill. If there is a slight difference, maybe the Neds are a bit stronger on tb3 and the Baresi's are a bit stronger on kenyas. Or maybe that's just BS to find something to write about. Its a total locked 50/50 game...on paper. Maybe some tactical map choices can settle the outcome. This game might see several kenyas, at least thats the prediction.

Prediction: A 5 map game and it will come down to what TB3 map that is going to be decider. Its anyones game.

Division 1 - Playoffs
The highest 4vs4 skill in quakeworld today and the teams did not disappoint: Several great games were displayed and the teams gave us a great show. We still got one game to go; that will decide the last playoff spot. Milton's Mutants won all their games, but it certainly did not come easy: they had to be on top of their game to pull that off. Impressive stuff. Another impressive team are the BLooD_DoG's Boners, who are absolutely crushing it on dm2. It's been a while since we have seen a dm2 team like that. The Boners got one game left but they will stay in 2nd place no matter what. Another good team: Dev's Devastators, took 3rd place, as they took at least 1 map in each game. They were also the team that got closest to the Boners impenetrable map. This team got the potential to go all the way. The last playoff spot will go to either Bps' Basilisks or Zero's Heroes, depending on the last game: Zero's Heroes vs BLooD_DoG's Boners. Heroes will prevail if they win. The Basilisks have been a bit disapointing, as they were expected higher in the standings, but it really shows how good all these teams are. The Heroes started well with a 2-0 victory but have not won a map since then. They must win 2 maps now or its game over. Creatures Crazies did the opposite; started with 3 losses and 0 map wins, even though they came close. Then they sprinted well but came up short, losing the last mustwin game 1-2. So in conclusion every team had their chance until the very last map. Great stuff everyone in division 1; its awesome to watch some hardcore 4v4 again at the highest level.

Semifinal 1, #1 vs #4: Milton's Mutants vs Bps' Basilisks/Zero's Heroes
When: TBD (scheduled for Saturday June 8, 18:00 CEST - 16:00 UTC)
Mutants are red hot favourites, but at this level anything can happen. Players at this level got all the moves and tactics set on auto so margins can decide the outcome. And the underdogs knows this and will be on their toes. Mutants must perform as they have done in the division games and stay sharp...or else. And again, now every team got 5 games under their belt and that can elevate teams to higher grounds. We will see.

Prediction: On paper its a 65/35 game but who knows. I'll say Mutants in 4. With a 5 map game all bets are off.

Semifinal 2, #2 vs #3: BLooD_DoG's Boners vs Dev's Devastators
When: TBD (scheduled for Saturday June 8, 18:00 CEST - 16:00 UTC)
This could be a classic, going all the way to 5 maps. Both teams boost strong squads with tons of experience. Could we finaly see the Boners go down on dm2? Well, all maps should be tight and thrilling and we are going to be served a real treat. Cant wait to see this BO5 game.

Prediction: 52/48 to the Boners. Its uncertain but i think we will see a 2-1 lead to the Boners and then Devastators pick map #4 and wins it. Then Boners are going to pick dm2 as 5th map: Hail Bondeskills!

I hope the read was worth it...see you in the playoffs.

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Great to see this tournament being such a success, well done!
2019-06-05, 10:59
Yet another exciting article, link! Keep it up!

One question: what is kenya(s)?
2019-06-05, 16:43

A "kenya" is a map that is not the "usual TB3" maps. Some whiner back in the days called the "odd" maps for a "kenya map", meaning its a map that is unusual and not played often. The community stuck with that frase and now its common to say kenya-map to the non-ususal map.

"omg plz no kenyas!" a known frase
2019-06-06, 11:54
2019-06-14, 21:19
Thanks link!

Vvd u 2!
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