praxismo  /  22 May 2019, 22:19
New One Day, One Map, 1on1 Tournament - Catalyst: Sunday 26th of May

A one day 1on1 tournament will be taking place this coming Sunday, the 26th of May.

The purpose of the tournament is to try out the beta1 version of the map The Catalyst by tehace, ported from Reflex Arena by fourier. The map will be adjusted after the tourney (for possible bugs and issues) and released.

Read on for more info, including how to signup.
The exact format (double/single elimination, 1 or 2 divisions) and time (currently 17:00 CEST - 1500 UTC) will be announced later, depending on amount of registered participants.

The map is available on:

More servers will be announced later.
You can download catalyst_b1 HERE

Registration is already open via this link.
2019-05-23, 07:19
What is Reflex Arena?
Edit: googled it, never mind...
2019-05-23, 17:04
count me in for the moment, it will depend of the day of tournament :p
2019-05-24, 15:48
Very interesting map. In my opinion this is the best map in new pool.
2019-05-28, 09:34
catalyst_b1.bsp uploaded to
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