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GetQuad! v1.01
So, one month into the GetQuad! 4v4 draft tournament, we got all games played: 32. If we include 1 WO into that gamelist, its safe to say that this thing works. Its also quite enjoyable that all games are more or less close calls and exciting. Players are active on discord and the teamplay is improving. Games are also being casted/streamed. We also got QHLAN coming up at the end of August. I guess we can say its happy times for quakeworld?
One team have played all their games, everyone else has 1 game to go, before the playoffs. And that one game is going to decide if its going to be playoffs or not, for some. For others its already decided.

Top 4 in each division goes to playoff. Semis: #1 vs #4 and #2 vs #3.

Division 3


As this division didnt want/respond to any playoffs, the group games decides the winner. The two best teams; Zeniths and Zombies, will face off in the last groupgame for the top spot. They both got 3 wins so they will play the last game as a grand final. It should be a very tight and interesting game for sure. The Violaters have not won a map yet and their last chance for glory will commence when they play the Occults in the last game. The Brotherhood lost 2 games, left 1 game to WO and won their last game. The Occults will go to third place if they beat the Violaters.

Division 2


With one game remaining the playoff race is settled. Fireblasters and Inferno cant reach 6 points and the two bottom teams will play each other in the last groupgame for the honor of not finishing dead last. So they got something to play for. Having said that, both these teams have been playing good and only close calls prevented them from taking more points. The semis will be in place after the last game and anything can happen; the Legends are facing the Infidels and the Baresis are playing the Neds. Baresis vs Neds are probably going to be the only game in this tournament going full kenya; expected maps are going to be schloss and e3m3tdm (are you reading Jehar?). As the standings show, no one knows what the placing will look like and whos going to face who in the semis. Exciting stuff.

Division 1


The drama is alive in our highest division of skill and teamplay. Last games here the Basilisks and the Heroes both went down 0-2, and spawned renewed hope for the Crazies. Crazies HAD to win their 2nd last game 2-0, and they did. When Heroes also lost 0-2, the playoff window is now wide open, also for the team that lost their 3 first games. Lets break it down: Crazies needs to win their last game vs the Devastators. If they do their job, they need help from the Mutants and the Boners, and that might happen as these 2 teams have impressed the most. But, a lot of «ifs» must go Crazies way. Heroes and Basilisks wont go away silently. Basilisks need only a map win and the deal is sealed. Just as div2, this division is as close as it gets, anything can happen in any game. Last games will be exciting.

As for the playoffs we will return with a prediction on that when the dust has settled.

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QHLAN 2019
2019-05-23, 07:18
Excelent update, Link! Keep it coming...
2019-05-23, 12:00
bps' basilisks lost 0-2 to milton's mutants, meaning both zero's heroes and creature's crazies can make the playoff, sending basilisks to kingdom come. If heroes wins 2-0 they are in no matter what the crazies do. If heroes wins 2-1, then crazies needs to win 2-0 to advance.
2019-05-23, 14:01
If heroes win 2-0 or 2-1, the crazies could still make it to the playoffs with the same map score in their game, as long as they make up the 44 frag deficit that they have behind the heroes.
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