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Ake Vader  /  10 May 2019, 20:49
nQuake config updates
A couple minor updates to the default nQuake config has been made to fix the QTV API JSON error mentioned in another news post, as well as a couple teamplay improvements.
nQuake config changes wrote:

qtv_api_url ""

Add runes and cells to list of items to report as taken or pointed:
tp_took runes powerups weapons armor mh pack rockets cells
tp_point runes powerups weapons armor enemy mh pack rockets cells

Show real armor value instead of 666 when you have pent (see examples):
hud_armor_pent_666 "0"

It might be a good idea to review your own config for these settings if you're playing 4on4. The pent armor value option does not seem to be common knowledge among players and can be an advantage on DM3 and Schloss to improve your pent run decision making as you'll have more info before it runs out.
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