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GetQuad! v1.0
After an idea with good intentions and some chat/help from various persons, we did an effort to make this happen. And it did happen. As i write this, 17 teams (with 5 players each team + standins) have now gotten 1-2 games played. We are 1 game (that is going down tonight) short of all games played after 2 rounds and the schedule is on track...wich by kind of awesome.
Still, the 2 coolest moments for me, thus far, is the actual draft we did live with Jehar on TastySpleenTV and the best moment of all; minutes after the live draft was complete we had 4 mixes going on simultaneously. That was some epic stuff right there. That made me happy and a little bit proud.

The spark that lit this particular qw-4v4 on fire is due to some persons that in the beginning helped out. I would be so bold to say that without Lordlame, Bgnr, Ocoini, John (praxismo) and Link, this would not happen. And of course all the other numerous persons who helped out in some way, you know who you are:

The quakeworld community is awesome and if you are reading this you are awesome coz you are a part of it. Sorry if i didnt mention your name!

The funniest thing i heard during the signups period was a well known player MSGing me this:

"Like I said, I consulted if he thinks a draft would be possible and he was like: You need 8 teams, each 5 players. Getting 40 players signed up seems impossible. That's what he said. And the last try of getting a draft going resulted in 25 players...not too long ago. Are you giving free blowjobs?"

I fell of my chair.

And of course, no qw-4on4-tournament/league is great without some drama: First of all a div. 1 captain wanted to switch his 1st pick because of lack of communication and we also had some map-whine-drama in div. 2. No divisions without drama ofc and a div. 3 team also got their last pick exchanged for a pick that might have been better. Who knows right? Well someone had something to say anyway :>

From an admin point of view all we can say that this stuff is also new for us and when we hopefully do another draft like this, after summer, we can also be better at what we do. It's always hard to satisfy everyone but we aim to please the mob. So if everything is not 100 % for your liking, then bear with us, play for fun (ye rite) and we can make the next one even better.

You must always aim to be better, no matter how good you are. And you will never be perfect, someone will always tell you a good way or a bad way. Thats life.

Enough of the poetic and emotional stuff.

14 games played (and a ton of pracs/mixes)
Now its time to talk about the teams/games and try and make some conclusions and predictions.

Division 1
Before the draft most captains (and others) was worried about Milton's team and that he had to get the worst picks. Milton's reply to that was: "its ok, im used to it". Enuff said =) However, i dont think you should count out any div. 1 player in a TB3 tournament like this, due to the nature of qw-4v4 and the amount of skill and experience participating.

Milton's Mutants have started with 2 wins but it was not a walk in the park. In the first game they needed 3 maps to win and got spanked on dm2. Though 88 frags is "not much" in an elite game on dm2, it feels in a sarcastic sort of way good to say "Milton got spanked" (plz forgive me) and seeing that he was "only" #4 in the fragrank. And the decider was quite narrow with only 42 frags on e1m2, with status quo back to normal with Milton being the difference, way ahead of the others. If you look at the stats, the mutants have played 2 games, got 2 victories, with a map score of 4-1. If you look at the average fragdifference on all 5 maps, you get an average of 218-203,2 per map for Milton's team. So as they have played the team atm closest to them (Boners) and the team atm farthest from them (Crazies), i think its safe to say that the divison 1 teams are pretty much very even.

BlooD_DoG's Boners lost that 1st battle to the mutants, but showcased a monstrous dm2 team. I think the Boners are gonna spank everyone on dm2. In their 2nd game they met Bps' strong team and you rarely see a team like that getting annihilated: 344-108 to the Boners...thats pretty scary. When they also won e1m2 with a nice margin you can feel that the Boners are challenging for the throne.

Bps's Basilisks won their first game however, vs Dev's Devastators, another strong team. With close calls in all maps. I would say it was a game of margins. For instance, e1m2 went to overtime. The scores were: 271-250 on e1m2 (FT: 212-212), 189-199 on dm3 and 232-180 on dm2. Another great battle, showing that this tournament got som really great 4v4 action.

Dev's Devestators 2nd game was vs Zero's Heroes, and i was thinking to my self, after watching Heroes first game vs Crazies, that Zero's Heroes is the dark horse in this race, showing no mercy towards Creature's team, winning "comfortable" with good margins. But devestators game vs the basilisks was not a coincidence, and they took a very strong 2-0 victory vs the hereos. This to me shows that we got some really strong teams and that anything can happen in any game.

The only team with no points and no map wins so far, is Creature's Crazies, loosing both their battles 0-2. But in their 2nd game you could really see that they were getting much better, loosing with narrow margins on both maps. 20 frags on dm2 is...well nothing actually. And on dm3 they looked solid. And that was vs the top team; Milton's Mutants. Their map average score, after 4 maps are: 170-221,75. So i would say that the future looks bright for this team as well, especially now since Fix is going to reinstall quake :>

Division 2
This division got some really interesting teams after the draft, along with some infamous map whine. It's still a mystery to me why players have this huge commitement to map whine. If they instead could use that energy to actually download the .bsp file to their hard drive, watch a demo, play some games on it, they would increase their knowledge by 300 % on the map. But i guess thats your regular qw-player: we choose whine and "f***k that map" instead. Oh, and that is why we also got TB3 as decider map, so that we admins dont look like total noobs.

2 teams have 2 wins, and thats Forza Baresi! and Lordlame's Legends. FB! is at 100 %, not dropping a map, while the Legends dropped 1 map to Nidweyrs's Neds. It could have been another story though, since FB! won their "away" maps, both times e1m2, with just 212-190 and 206-195, some close calls vs Inf's Infernos and Flintheart's Fireblasters. FB! too strong on the "kenyas" though and are the only team in all divisions that stands with a perfect record so far. Lordlame's Legends are showing greatness on TB3 and it took a good team on schloss to make them give away a map.

Igggy's Infidels looking pretty strong as well showing no mercy to the Fireblasters but the Neds took them down on 3 maps, winning schloss and dm3. So with Nidweyr's Neds getting 3 out of 4 points vs the Legends and Infidels, they are looking strong for the reminder of the tournament. Their strong play on schloss will for sure guarantee them at least 1 point per game...unless someone manages to make an upset.

Inf's Inferno and Flintheart's Fireblasters are pointless after 2 games, dropping all 4 maps. Though as mentioned above, they got very close on e1m2 vs the top team. They both got good teams and games are even, so they just need to stay with it and a victory will come. I will be surprised if this division get teams with 0 wins after 5 rounds.

Division 3
The most uncertain division to predict, with many unknown factors. Players with less/none 4v4 experience, some players with high pings and a very different set of team Captains. Also you are not sure of the 4v4 skill level of certain players.

Usually in the lower divisions you see some players flourishing, taking another step. We will see if that happens this time around also. One of the important goals for this division is to get more players interested in 4v4, so they can get higher skill in this game mode and advance further. Many players here are already good in duel play, but going from weaponstay and +forward to deathmatch mode 1 and 7 other players to think about, is like night and day.

In a way, this is the most important division for qw 4v4.

With all teams, except the Zeniths, only played 1 game, its hard to tell whats going to happen in this division. Zigg1zagg1's Zeniths got 2 wins and are looking strong. But Bgnr's Brotherhood took them down on dm3 and was not far away on Zeniths choice; schloss. That says something about the Brotherhood and that points for this team are going to happen.

Ocoini's Occults was a little letdown vs the Zeniths and i was hoping for more from that team. They play the Brotherhood in their next game and that should be something to look forward too.

Zalon Zombies won pretty comfortable vs the Viag's Violaters. Dm3 went down comfortably but the Violaters gave them a good fight at dm2.

There is no definite conclusion to this division as you can never know how players/teams will react to this game mode, so it will be exciting to follow as we go along. They already got a game tonight:

Bgnr's Brotherhood vs Zalon's Zombies.

Keep yourself updated:!_Draft
2019-05-06, 19:12
Great writeup, keep it up!
2019-05-06, 21:15
n1 read, good job
2019-05-07, 01:22
Really great stuff and initiative by everyone. But I wasn't told about the free blow jobs?!
2019-05-08, 08:22
Good work, nice to see some 4on4 action after EQL ended.
Just sad I couldnt play but thats life.
2019-05-14, 08:10
Grats on the article! Nicely put together...
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