bps  /  3 Apr 2019, 22:14
4on4 Draft Cup - Spring 2019
In April/May we're all going to play 4on4 again, says Link, the initiator of a new Draft Cup, and everyone is invited.
We are setting up 3 divisions, based on skill, so that everyone can participate. But, be fast to signup as you can see we are not aiming for more than 50-75 players. Division 1 will be for the elite, division 2 for the experienced ones and division 3 for the "not-so-skilled" and rookies.

Most of all we are excited to see if we can get some teams in division 3. We are pretty sure division 1 and 2 will a lot of players.

When we got enough players, we will announce a LIVE draft hosted by Jehar and some admins/players. Captains will be chosen and players will be selected.

So what are you waiting for, sign up and be sure you sign up to play, not to idle

Signup link: http://tpdc.quakeworld.nu/
2019-04-04, 06:57
2019-04-04, 08:56
Signed up, Div 3 represent!!
2019-04-04, 17:06
31 signups so far
2019-04-04, 17:59
63 signups in 2 days.

Looking pretty good!
2019-04-08, 11:29
Wonder if one could leverage the FPS celebrity of former QW players to generate additional interest/coverage (if timed right). e.g:

-DDK has approaching 100k twitter followers: https://twitter.com/ddkesports?lang=en
-KovaaK seems to be getting a lot traction with his aim trainer tool: https://store.steampowered.com/app/824270/KovaaKs_FPS_Aim_Trainer/
2019-04-09, 10:32

83 signups so far.
2019-04-09, 13:52
2019-04-09, 16:50
Thats and excellent idea! and that is the way to think, if one wants to reinvigorate the qw scene.

About KovaaK probably he can help, and relay a stream, lets say Jehar's Tastyspleen, in his own stream.
(I approached him not so long ago about a idea of a QW U-20 players 1 day tour. we have 10 rare specimens it seems.
I tought about it, inspired to Zigg1zagg1 dragging some of his friends to play qw
And for qw to be stronger we need younger generation to know the game, hence the idea, that I also leave here for maybe someone to pick it in future)

So i believe that if approached and if he has time, KovaaK can help, even tough I bet he is very busy from what he told me.

And DDK, super, but i believe theres must be someone in the QW scene that knows him and maybe could do that approach.
HELP NEEDED! .......

So if Link and his admin crew could do moves in that direction that would be awsome

Would be picking on the momentum of this tour and enhance it

I believe Draqu the player and mapper also has a decent share of audience, Meag could probably help here too, at least pointing who has good audience or streamer contacts so maybe we could get more stream Relays.

2019-04-09, 16:53
If that idea can become a reality also inviting some QW figure to commentate stream would be nice
Lets say KovaaK himself (even tough he declined at that moment, thats why I approached him, but he can relay stream), or some other famous QW guy Carmack, Tresh, Dag, Pietro, Lakerman , ParadoKs, Romero, whatever

Create some hype and have those nquake packs pointed on stream
2019-04-10, 06:25
Carmack? He is a kind of quite guys, based on the biography book, Doom.
Romero was (is?) the one wanted to be in the spotlight.
Check his site: http://romero.com/
He is organizing workshops, etc. Might be an option if you have enough $
2019-04-10, 14:48
I am not naive about availability of such a person
But nothin is impossible
And i gaved that example because its showing ppl to aim a bit higher than usual
and prob Romero not so far from the qw scene, since that irish qw lan
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