VVD  /  19 Feb 2019, 01:11
One day Toxicity-test tournament 24th of February
The new 1 day tournament is opening on upcoming Sunday the 24th of February. Registration is open!
The purpose of the tournament is to test the potential changes of the new map Toxicity for applicability to the upcoming Thunderdome 11 (and further) tournament.
The tournament is agreed with Thuriam, the author of the QW port, and he will take the feedback from the tournament for his map.
The exact format (double/single elimination, 1 or 2 divisions) and time (16-17:00 UTC?) will be announced later depending on amount of registered participants.
The map is available on - 4, - 4, - 5, - 4 and here.

    16:00 UTC = 17:00 CET: Close signups.
    16:10 UTC = 17:10 CET: All players MUST be online not later this time at IRC #Thunderdome or in Discord.
    16:20 UTC = 17:20 CET: Admins will write decision about tournament system.
    16:30 UTC = 17:30 CET: Admins will write brackets and players can start playing games!
UPDATE 2: Demos and brackets.
2019-02-19, 08:19
To support new maps, I'll sign up, with the following critique in advance:

I think we should have waited for Thuriam's low-poly remake before having the tournament; there will probably be lots of complaints about the low fps and people getting clipped on brushes.

The item changes on ..._test don't really fill me with enthusiasm for the map. I would have been more intrigued by a simple swap of the low ga for another ya. This whole 'more mega, more ya, more lg, no ra' makes me sceptical on such a small map where it's so easy to spawnfrag, and so hard to escape and hide; maybe it could have worked on shifter, but on toxicity I have my doubts. I'll keep an open mind on it long enough to get through the tournament.

Personally I'd prefer a single elimination, to make the tournament take less time. Happy with both 1 or 2 divisions.

(Edited 2019-02-19, 20:31)
2019-02-19, 17:43
Just to avoid anyone else going through the confusion that I went through:

- q1q3toxicity is the recently completed map by Thuriam and part of Mick's q3q1 map conversion project (
- toxicity_test is that map with the item layout changed to 2 LGs, 2 megas, 3 yellows and no red (not sure of other changes), and the map for this tournament.
2019-02-21, 08:33
Thanks Meag, Iím happy with the interest and Thuriamís work
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