VVD  /  14 Oct 2018, 17:38
Thunderdome X: last week for signups!
We got 82 players from 22 countries and decided to extend signups for one more week to get 6 divisions in Europe (only 5 for now) and 2 divisions in America (only 8 players now). Australian players are very active - 15 players for 2 divisions.
Signups will close 19th of October 2018, then 1 day for div-whine - 20th Oct, and 21th Oct you can start play games!

Signups are here.
2018-10-16, 23:34
Many of the Australians who signed up last season were CPMA players who didn't come back for a second serving this season...
This season we seem to have a number of Quake Champions players.
2018-10-23, 11:10
Brackets done, play your games!

If someone get weird email, then just check brackets at before ask panic questions. :-D

P.S. Can anybody write full news?
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