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The All Stars 2018 - 21 October

Teams are set!

21 of October; AllStar TIME is moved one hour - Later: The new time is 18:00 CEST - (GMT/UTC: 16:00 - EDT: 12:00) on the same day
The QuakeWorld All Stars will be going live on 21 of October; AllStar TIME is moved one hour - Later: The new time is 18:00 CEST - (GMT/UTC: 16:00 - EDT: 12:00) on the same day on the channel SuddenDeathTV or Tastyspleen.

Lead by Andeh of 'Sudden Death TV', accompanied by Jehar of 'Tasty Spleen' - the games will feature live casting and commentary; among other things: Voice communication of the teams, introduction of a new 4on4 map; and the best QuakeWorld players in the world !

Sudden Death TV
Tastey Spleen

Tune in !

The All Star show will see a map pool of six, with potential for seven. With this map order.:
Dm3 - Schloss Adler - dm2 - An1 - e1m2 - cmt4 (cmt3). (an1-beta6 loc file)

This is a show match not a tournament. All maps will be played regardless of the "scoreline" - while Cmt3 might be cut on match day.

The selection process went: With eight players being selected by four captains; from a the pool of potential players.
With the best players in the scene organizing themselves into what we hope; are two equally skilled teams. The games are gonna be amazing!

Milton, Carapace, Rikoll and Bps performed a draft selection for two teams; and the selection fell on these players.

Team 1: Bps - Carapace : XantoM, Razor, [DP]BLooD_DoG, Nigve.
Team 2: Milton - Rikoll : RIO, Creature, Grisling, Fix.

With standin potentials being:
Dev - Greco - Lordlame - Niw - Raket - Kip - Anza - Paniagua - Shaka.

QTV will likely not be supported for live viewing - to view it live you will have to see it on Twitch.TV.
Demo's will be provided after the games - along with the teams voice communications.

*this news post might be updated as we get closer to match day.*

Quake <3
2018-10-11, 10:03
Are we to assume these players actually know this new map? (except Milton, he knows all)
Not trying to be negative, just realistic.
2018-10-11, 13:02
I don't remember when we started playing cmt maps. Was it EQL 5 or 6 ? Several years ago this. I would say everyone knows the layout and has a general idea of what is good to do.

Schloss is fairly new, in quake standards - I don't know. I would say more than three people on each team know of and have played this map several times. I can't say this is true 100% - but i believe: bps, cara, xantom, blooddog, nigve, milton, rikoll, creature have all played both schloss and the cmt maps in question several times.

Theres knowing the layout of the map, and then there is knowing the map to the point where it's been "established what is best to do" and having things internalised to the point where you don't have to think to much on tactics..
I would think it varies from person to person on how good each player is on the maps when it comes to schloss and cmt.

An1 - hardly anyone if any knows the map - which is some of the point of playing it as well. It will be fun to see them adapt, and perhaps some humorous moments will be viewed =) I think it will be a refreshing map when we get to it =)
Annihilator has made a video of the map, detailing very thoroughly a rundown of the maps interesting points.

Regardless, we were not playing tb3x2, and the captains "voted" for the maps, and we had a little discussion on which ones to pick.

The cmt maps we picked - in retrospect - are likely the easiest maps to learn for anyone playing quake.
They have also had some time now where they knew very well of the intent of including an1 - and also that schloss and cmt4/3 maps they have known and been apart of deciding for two weeksish now.

It's the teams that make the final decision on which map we play - It's not out of the question that we modify the pool slightly should a strong argument be made for it - but I'm super happy with the pool we ended on at least.

There arn't many players that have more potential to learn and understand "new maps" than the ones that are nominated to play in the all stars - so even if someone doesn't know one of the maps very well - they would anyway have the best background to understand how a new maps "should" be played - much better than the majority of us.

Hope i answered your question (and other people's question at the same time about the other maps)
2018-10-11, 14:20
Guess we'll find out if anyone has to download the map from the server, haha.
Personally I would find watching a map where only 1 or 2 know the layout kinda dull but that's just me.

P.S. It's nice to see Anza and Pani getting the Star tag, it's well overdue!
Today, 08:35
Nice with an all-star game again! But I see...dead people, no, but I DONT see how some of these players were picked for this before grc. Horrible i.m.o.
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