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meag  /  28 Aug 2018, 10:02
ezQuake 3.1 released
After an all-too-long wait, ezQuake 3.1 is finally finished. You can upgrade to the latest version by downloading from the official site, or you can read the changelog first at github. That's also the place to report bugs & issues.

Compared to the 3.0 release, most changes should be relatively minor.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed over the past two years with suggestions, patches & testing.
Very quick version of the full changelog:
  • Is in line with mvdsv 0.32 & KTX 1.39, including new protocol extensions for smoother high-ping play.
  • FTE's basic VOIP support re-introduced after being removed in 3.0
  • Server browser fixes (especially for OSX, which failed to update URL sources in 3.0.1)
  • Multiview should be more reliable, power-up 'stack' bars added, item timers more reliable
  • Built-in crosshairs can be scaled (source image increased rather than small image scaled up)
  • Translucent players in KTX race mode

Any 3.2 will be relatively minor changes (updating versions of internal libraries used on Windows builds), some small projects I have lying around unfinished (the static item timers on 4v4 youtube demos). 4.0 will probably be the current '3.5' (the major rendering update currently riddled with bugs) and hopefully released before the end of the year.
2018-08-28, 13:35
Sweet stuff, I love how the client keep on evolving to the better.

For those not following Discord-discussions, there's more to come for 3.5. I'll leave it at that
2018-08-30, 20:03
Keep up the good work...
2018-08-31, 07:11
Zer gut. YA-ya< naturlich. O ya-ya gutten tag!!! Gone testing..
2018-08-31, 21:27
Haven't launched Mr. Quake for quite a while but a new ezQuake is a good reason to do so.
Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed!
2018-09-03, 07:12
Kirov Reporting:
Minus WinXP sp2 32bit - compatibility broken //forceware drivers 90.*
It's SSE2 support for sure...
2018-09-03, 14:32
Confirmed, it's SSE2 support, not Windows XP 32 bit support (which I broke and then fixed).

Would need to create a different version for SSE2 if supporting this in the future.
2018-09-15, 13:52
Turns my screen pure red (FF0000) for some reason :<

(Edited 2018-09-15, 14:32)
2018-09-15, 14:01
Sound etc. seems to work fine, I can do everything I can think of confirming typing blind

Edit: Went through the nightly builds until I found the first one to do this, looked in the changelog for clues and vid_24bit_depth 0 fixed it
2018-09-19, 20:44
Thanks for reporting that - can you send the /vid_gfxinfo output? If you can -condebug to get qw/qconsole.log, and get the same output without "vid_24bit_depth 0" (the red screen) as well, if possible.
2018-10-04, 18:11
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