RaggA  /  7 Jun 2018, 19:16
QW2018 Team League update.
Things have seemed to stall a bit with the league so we a making a small request to teams regarding scheduling.
Activity has slowed down in recent weeks and some teams have been experiencing issues getting hold of their opponents in a time to remain compliant to the schedule. Therefor the admin staff would ask all team captains who are having trouble arranging games with their scheduled opponents to have a look at their groups to see what other teams they still have to play and reach out to them to arrange to get some games played. We hope that this will speed up things for every one and we can wrap things up before the start of the summer break proper. .

Thanks again to all the teams for their continued participation.
2018-08-16, 06:41
Hows it going?
2018-08-16, 07:57
Put on ice until further ado. Many teams went awol when summer came, and I guess it'll stay that way.
2018-08-17, 09:34
Well, the Bronze and Silver cups were played to completion at least.

Silver Cup.
1st: [puls]
2nd: [O]
3rd: [FU]
4th: [FNDz]

Bronze Cup.
1st: [d99]
2nd: [m00]
3rd: [FNDx]
4th: [5z]
2018-08-17, 09:36
All the demos can be found here --->
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