Ake Vader  /  27 Mar 2018, 20:45
nQuakesv (Linux) update
The server package nQuakesv, consisting of convenient installation scripts for the de-facto standard combination of MVDSV + KTX on the server side, has received a few bug fixes and minor enhancements for its Linux flavor.
It seems a few bugs crept in during updates last year, so a maintenance update felt necessary to iron out some issues. Thanks to Meag for reporting some of these issues.

To cut it short the change log this time is as follows:
  • QTV<=>MVDSV connect bug fixed. QTV admin password is now only used as admin dashboard password, NOT as MVDSV<=>QTV connection password which is left blank. Previously it was used also as MVDSV<=>QTV connection password which made MVDSV expect QTV send a password, which it didn't, so QTV couldn't connect to MVDSV.
  • QTV was run with nquakesv as the working directory which made the local website/demos broken.
  • Download maps via QTV now works (maps folder was missing)
  • Server configs (and scripts) are now not re-generated when running the start_server script if the config/script files already exist. Generated configs are now also called port_<port>.cfg to avoid follow up issues related to adding other ports.
  • Some annoying error messages related to the stop_servers script fixed (now only looks for and kills the screen process).
  • The update scripts were still downloading nquake.ini from Sourceforge, now uses Github version.
  • Cronjob: probably didn't work at all before if adding it through the installer as no user was specified when running the script. Now adds $USER as runner of the cronjob.
  • Cronjob: default option added for the "Add nquakesv to crontab" question to make the installer honor the non-interactive flag. Default value is yes = add nquakesv to crontab.
  • Distfiles: set k_end_tele_spawn 0 as default in KTX configs (i.e. remove the tele spawn on map End)

Github repository
nQuake website
2018-03-28, 07:20
2018-03-28, 09:38
Good work Ake
2018-03-28, 12:20
Thanks gents. If there are any more issues feel free to let me know and/or open an issue on Github.
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