dimman  /  18 Jan 2018, 16:24 Maintenance Ongoing
We're currently doing maintenance on servers which may cause some sites (including sub-sites) to be unreachable from time to time. We're working on fixing this as soon as possible.
Sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully when everything is back online we'll have a much better infrastructure to build on for the future.

/ Admins
2018-01-18, 20:21
This server upgrade is so welcomed! Great job with it dimman! \0/
2018-01-21, 00:54
Hurry up so you can get back to banning me
2018-01-26, 19:27
still off
2018-01-27, 16:31
It's not a minor move, it's a major move and restructuring of the complete infrastructure so the maintenance is going to be ongoing for a while. Currently hitting some unexpected hosting problems which are out of our control. Will update when I have more information available.
2018-02-23, 12:21
Can't read from my phone anymore - too new crypto algorithms for my old phone…
Can you, plz, remove force redirect from http to https: "301 Moved Permanently"?
2018-02-27, 11:41
Sorry @VVD but I don't know any way to do that without other negative consequences. The automatic redirect is there for a reason. Please let me know if you know any solution that won't have a negative impact for others and I'll have a look.
2018-03-20, 11:23
What about ?
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