VVD  /  14 Nov 2017, 18:57
Thunderdome season 9 started
First of all, thank you, for joining the quakeworld player's community in this season start event. Hope you will have a good time.

Thunderdome season 9 is live!
That means you can start making your games.

It's expected that you will produce your first game until the end the week.

Check out on the Thunderdome page who is your opponent, and what games you can have ahead.
For this go to your division link on the Thunderdome web page left banner, and after this click on Text bracket, to see a competitive bracket with the games of the competition you are in.
For example: Europe Open Division.

To schedule a game, both players should try to meet, and schedule their games.
That's why you were asked a irc channel to be contactable or a discord channel.
So you can try to find your Thunderdome opponent online on some Quake server, on irc or discord, or try to talk with somebody that knows your opponent.

Please read the rules of the tournament!
Be aware that the map pool has a Main map pool (DM4, Aerowalk, Ztndm3, Bravado, Monsoon) and an Additional map pool (DM2 and DM6).
For this you should state your choice on Thunderdome main page, by commenting.

You are advised to play some practice games on the map Monsoon, since it is a not very well know map.
Even tough most players are on same foot on Monsoon map knowledge, you should avoid entering competition without playing it at least some times.

Good luck to everybody and have fun!!!
2017-11-14, 18:58
Thanks to beginner for this text. :-]
2017-11-22, 23:08
Our friend Jehar is giving the quake community some time for broadcast of the Thunderdome games, on his stream.

That time is Next Sunday, the 26th of November, from 20:00 CET onwards.

We invite everybody to apply for having their games streamed, don't be shy.
The idea is to promote our community and give that extra sugar to the players.
So for this to happen, you should talk with your mate for the game and schedule the game for 20:00, 20:30 or 21:00 CET (Central European Time, as a reference), on 26/Nov/2017.

Would be nice if we could get games from Europe, North America, or even Australia (gotta get up early :p).

So please give a notice to TD admins , like VVD, 23y, Phil! or joao_p_azevedo (I was forcefully promoted :p).

We are waiting you
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