Ake Vader  /  7 Nov 2017, 17:56
Get your Spot - Thunderdome is going live
With almost 100 signups at the moment Thunderdome Duel tournament is getting ready to start. The advent of an Australian division and American division are refreshing news for the QuakeWorld community. Australia division will be a go, next Weekend, starting officially next Saturday 11th November. So stay tuned for the games of our Ozzies mates.

Meanwhile, Signups for European divisions and American divisions are still open till next weekend

The need for our most skilled players in div1 and 2 is noticed.

Get your Spot, on this season start gathering, and have fun.

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2017-11-07, 18:59
There is a wanted "Dead or Alive" post sign for: Yeastiality, D1ma, Blahx2 and Rline
Uncle Sam needs you!
2017-11-07, 22:07
if Australia was opened back up we would get more people registering also
2017-11-07, 22:19
dirtbox, I can open Australian, but only if we keep all players on same seeding places - new players will be added to extended round.
Anyway start play games as soon as possible. We hope that activity in Australia help to get more signups to America and Europe.

P.S. Where is venom, btw?
2017-11-07, 22:19
We got 100 signups today!
BPS is the 100th player in this season! :-D
2017-11-08, 11:21
vvd - it is venom who wants in the tourney
2017-11-08, 15:18

Signup him.

Do you agree to remake brackets for Australia High?
2017-11-08, 23:33
Why not use challonge? Jehar has it figured out.
2017-11-09, 01:59
> Why not use challonge?
For what?
2017-11-09, 06:28
I can't remember if it is Challonge or but one of these 2 sites incorrectly creates the lower bracket (it pairs people who have already faced each other in the upper bracket a second time in the lower bracket prematurely) where as phpTourney, which Thunderdome uses, correctly does the bracket. Funnily enough it was eb who pointed out the flaw in other sites and he also made phpTourney
2017-11-09, 06:28
VVD - i told him to sign up but he is a useless shite
2017-11-09, 06:57
VVD, could you register Oscar*10* to the cup, i saw his father yersteday, he asked if it wasnt too late.
2017-11-09, 13:32
vvd - dont worry about changing the bracket for australia.... ven changed his mind
2017-11-09, 23:13
dirbox, ok.
Start play your games!

NPH, I told with him (father) few days ago and he said tha Oscar don't want play.
But if you say he change opinion - np, I can add him.
2018-03-25, 02:14
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