meag  /  31 Oct 2017, 08:21
Eclipse one-day duel tournament - #6: Sunday 5th November
With Thunderdome9 fast approaching, the weekly tournaments will run again, this time with TD9 'extended' map-pool to choose from: DM2,DM4,DM6,AERO,ZTN3,BRAVADO & MONSOON. Hopefully this helps people get prepared for Thunderdome, once it is up and running we'll switch back to trying out some kenya maps.

Map-tossing & ping rules remain the same as the other Sunday cups, so be prepared to play on London servers if playing opponents from North/South America. Tournament starts at 20:00 CET (19:00 GMT/UTC) and will run for approx 4 hours. Exact structure may change due to numbers but expect a group stage and then knockout bracket to determine the winner.

Update Tournament is over, thanks to everyone who took part. After very close semi-finals, at the end of the night we had a clear winner in Macisum, with Gloomy taking second place. Thanks again to everyone who took part.
  • Bgnr (-monsoon, -dm2)
  • Bhop (-dm4, -ztn)
  • Blood Dog (-dm4, -monsoon)
  • Dev (-monsoon, -bravado)
  • Gloomy (-dm4, -dm2)
  • Hagge (-monsoon, -dm4)
  • Lordlame (-monsoon, -ztn)
  • Macisum (-dm4, -dm6)
  • Speedball (-dm2, -dm6)


Structure will depend on signups, but as a guide:
  • 6-8 players: 2 groups of 3 or 4,then double-elim - group winners into WB, runners up into LB (max 4 match bracket)
  • 10 players: 2 groups of 5, then single-elim: group winners play runners up (2 match bracket)
  • 12-16 players: 4 groups of 4, then single-elim - group winners play runners (max 3 match bracket)
  • >16 players: will split into 2 divisions, each will be one of the options above

As long as matches start on time these formats should take around 4 hours to complete, so expect the tournament to end around midnight CET.

  • Games start at 8pm CET (7pm GMT/UTC), please be on Discord (#events channel) at that time, and report all match results in the channel.
  • All matches are BO3, tournament map-pool is: DM2, DM4, DM6, AEROWALK, ZTNDM3, BRAVADO, MONSOON
  • Map-pool reduced to five maps before match starts: the higher-ranked player's nominated map is tossed first, then the lower-ranked. If both players nominated the same first map, the lower-ranked player's second option is tossed instead. Higher-ranked player picks the first map. Lower-ranked player picks the second map. If a decider is required, players toss maps from the _entire_ map pool, low-seed player tosses first.
  • Players will be placed into groups, and play all opponents in their group (round-robin)
  • Ties in group stage will be broken by maps won across all games in group, then by maps won across games between players involved in the tie, then by frag difference between players involved in the tie. If still tied (!), the tie will be broken by cointoss (/cmd rnd)
  • The grand final may be BO5 if both participants agree - high-pick,low-pick,high-pick,low-pick,low-toss,high-toss. Otherwise it is BO3 with normal map-tossing rules applying.

Ping rules
  • Be prepared to play on London servers (for some level of fairness vs Brazil/Canada etc)
  • If requested, be prepared to ping up to half your opponent's ping, or 51 (whichever is lower)
2017-10-31, 08:27
When signing up, remember to list your two map-drop nominations in order (first one will always be dropped, the second is a backup option if you are low-seed).

Also please specify 'high' or 'low' division as a preference - if we get at least 6 'low' (think div4-6 in Thunderdome) then I'll create two smaller tournaments so everyone gets some close games.
2017-10-31, 09:31
I should be able to make it! My drop will be monsoon, with dm4 as backup!
2017-10-31, 14:13
-dm4 -dm2
2017-10-31, 14:58
not playing for a month. if i wil finish "evil within 2" to sunday - i will play )
-dm4 -dm2
2017-10-31, 15:58
This time i wont failt to show up
-Monsoon -DM2
2017-10-31, 18:38
Iím in - edit - toss monsoon / ztn

(Edited 2017-11-05, 16:23)
2017-11-01, 00:08
I should be able to play this Sunday (hope so at least), so sign me up.

- dm4 -dm6
2017-11-01, 13:45
-dm2 -dm6
2017-11-04, 15:19
-dm4 -monsoon
2017-11-05, 12:35
Bhop from UK:
[05.11.2017][15:30:30] <BhopSkyler> im signing up for an account on to sign up but it says i need to do a captcha to sign up but it isnt showing up, even when i refresh
[05.11.2017][15:31:07] <@VVD> uh
[05.11.2017][15:32:08] <@VVD> I don't see captcha too
[05.11.2017][15:32:24] <@VVD> I can write comment for u
[05.11.2017][15:32:51] <BhopSkyler> thank you
[05.11.2017][15:32:58] <@VVD> what maps u toss?
[05.11.2017][15:33:16] <BhopSkyler> dm4 and ztn3
2017-11-05, 22:29
Thanks Meag for the tournament was very fun to play
Even at 4g internet

Congrats to the new winner Macisum
wp all
2017-11-06, 10:07
yeah that was fun and sleepy, Macisum is a beast ))
2017-11-06, 11:01
thanks for the cut-n-paste, the captcha on registration page has been fixed.
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