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Thunderdome 9 open for signups
The administration of the long running Thunderdome tournament, i.e. VVD, is busy preparing to launch another season starting soon; Thunderdome Season 9. As usual we can expect a lot of duel action based on individual skill levels on a partly fresh set of maps.

Update: Map pool explanation.
With Thunderdome having run annually since 2012, this year marks a five year anniversary of one of the premier duel tournaments in recent times. It has seen great participation and activity as it's mainly been focused on bringing competitive even games for players of all skill levels based on a divisional setup according to player skill, trying to avoid the most uneven games that may occur from time to time in a game like QuakeWorld.

Last season was no exception to this phenomenon and to just quickly wrap up the last season a bit, where we saw 97 signups spread over six divisions, you can view the top three final standings in each division below. Remember that last season was the first one which featured the "Open" division, which is considered the premier one but to which players of any skill can volunteer to sign up. Glancing through the final standings one will notice that one area of improvement is to get more of the final games finished next season.

1.Open Division
  • Locust / Speedball (final never played)
  • Locktar

  • Macisum (won 2xBO5 coming from LB against the player that knocked him down there in the first place!)
  • norules
  • Lordlame

3.Regular High
  • gloomy
  • Drake
  • Lurq

4.Regular Low
  • Teho (w.o. for Teho in the final)
  • Yamazaki
  • Beginner

5.Advanced Rookies
  • wrst / LjuBomb (final not played)
  • xazqe

  • cozmic / Nutter (never played second BO5 when Nutter won coming from LB)
  • Jehar

Player registration for the next season is currently open and so far there are a dozen signups with more to come. The tournament is estimated to start on the 5th of November, i.e. in little more than a week's time.

Apart from the map pool, where there is still some discussion going on, the rules are the same as last season. Regarding the maps, the rules states the below at the time of writing:

Thunderdome Rules wrote:
Allowed maps this season NOT DECIDED YET, but will be based on DM2, DM4, AEROWALK, BRAVADO and ZTNDM3.

If this sounds like a good deal to you, then head on over to the site and sign up for the next season of hot QuakeWorld 1on1 action!

To Thunderdome Season 9
If you forgot your password - just ask VVD in IRC.
2017-10-26, 06:58
I'll join, if this:
bps wrote:
We want 7 maps in the pool.

Suggestion #1: bring dm6 back in.
I can understand people calling it 'shitty', but that can be said about other maps too. It is still a competitive map with long history, that often delivers thriller games. Even though it's unbalanced.

Suggestion#2: add ANY (of the top 10 candidates) new map.
It can be evaluated after TD9.


TD8 Final locust vs. NPH. Play the game!
I wouldn't let a new season start until scores are settled
2017-10-26, 12:13
Agreed bps
2017-10-29, 08:54
So glad for moonson, but just go for one mappool vvd, its too confusing and you risk to push away TB3 fans.

@bps : let me one week to cut the plaster :p
2017-10-29, 16:48
Not only the ping rules are ridiculous (forcing non-eu players to play further away from UK) and now this biased map pool rule. If QW duel would depend only on this tournament to survive we'd be lost.
2017-10-29, 17:06

been thinking the same thing...
2017-10-30, 17:42
Forcing to play ugly TB3 maps only killing QW.
2017-10-30, 20:12
yeah. Been killing it for 20 years straight.
2017-10-31, 08:44
I see EQL, Duelmania… are very active now!
2017-11-01, 11:24
If you still think ppl quit quake because of TB3 you are not thinking straight VVD.

I guess you just disregard the fact that ppl who started playing quake when they were 10-20 years old now are 20 years older and have alot of other stuff to do than playing quake.

Read this carefully: Players mostly quit QW because of IRL issues or because they started playing other games instead.

EQL tried new maps over the years and as far as I can see the map issue never impacted the number of players or clans in any significant way. I know guys like you and johnny_cz always bring the argument that TB3 killed qw and conservatists killed qw but there are absolutely ZERO evidence that it is in fact true. Hell Johnny even suggested that all the new players at one point started a whole new qw community and shouldnt let old players in. Wow I guess those 10 guys would have a had a great community for all the 3 days that would have lasted

Fucking shut up about TB3 killed qw now. It is not true.
2017-11-01, 18:17
> If you still think ppl quit quake because of TB3
No. It's your words.
2017-11-01, 18:50
>Forcing to play ugly TB3 maps only killing QW.
>I see EQL, Duelmania… are very active now!

Maybe you put a different sense on this sentence, or you are very awkward vvd
But cmon, make a compromise and try to get a lot of ppl instead of divide them.
2017-11-02, 09:32
No its not my words.
2017-11-02, 17:05
"ppl quit quake because of TB3" != "Forcing to play ugly TB3 maps only killing QW"
2017-11-03, 09:00
It doesnt have to be the exact same words to hold the same meaning.
2017-11-03, 15:53
Do you know what is "formal logic"?

quit != killing
As you said "Players mostly quit QW because of IRL issues", but you forgot about new players: a lot of new players see this shit TB3 and drop just after try.

Do you agree that "ppl quit quake because of TB3" not equal to "Forcing to play ugly TB3 maps only killing QW" now?

P.S. My english is too poor to explain so obvious things to almost native speakers.
2017-11-03, 17:38
@VVD: where are all these new players that play in meags cups? IE the shifter / monsoon one?
2017-11-06, 08:41
Yeah Im still going to need some proof of all these new players quitting because TB3 maps are shit.
Come on man, all maps are new to new players, even TB3.

I still think that you blame TB3 for ppl not playing QW when you have absolutely 0 proof that its tha case. There are also alot of other explanations that are far more credible like IRL issues and other games.

Besides all that, DUEL mode has had TB5 for ages and you still whine about TB3. When you add or replace maps they will become tne new TB3/TB5 and ppl will think they are old too. You can keep adding maps forever and think that new ppl will play QW.
Pro tip; they wont.
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